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    WHE Summer Support Session Three: Social Media and Mental Health

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    WHE Summer Support Session Two: Coping with Anxiety

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    WHE Summer Support Session One: Attached Information

    Summer Support Session One Information


    Parent Information

    Extended Day Program

    Ward-Highlands Elementary houses the Community Extended Day Program for students before and after school.


    This program is offered through the Marion County School Board's Community Education Department. Registration is during hours of operation.


    Hours of Operation

    • Morning: 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM
    • Afternoon: 2:05 PM to 6:00 PM


    Fees per Child

    • Morning: $10.00 per week
    • Afternoon: $38.00 per week
    • Both: $48/week
    • Early Release Day: $25.00/day charge per child


    See Extended Day Fees for more details.

    Envision Check Services

    General Procedures 2013 - 2014

    Arrival Procedures

    • Students will be permitted on campus at 7:20 AM each morning. Car riders/walkers/bike riders will sit on lines by the front office until the 7:35 AM bell rings.
    • Bus students who eat breakfast will be escorted to the cafeteria. Bus students who do not eat breakfast will wait until the 7:35 AM bell to be dismissed.
    • Car riders- located in two locations: front car loop for Kdg., 1st, and older siblings and ESE students, and the side car loop for grades 2 - 5. Pull up to the front of the line to let out your child. Please make sure your child is ready to get out of the car.  At the 7:35 AM bell, employees will be on duty, so students will be directed to class at that time, with adult supervision.


    Dismissal Procedures

    • All students will be escorted to their dismissal location (cars, buses, Extended Day, walkers, bikers).  This means that some teachers have paired up to divide these locations for a quicker dismissal.
    • If a child is being picked up by car, the car must come through one of the two car loops.
      1. Please form two lines for car pick up.
      2. Pull up as far as is indicated by the painted line and the personnel.
      3. A school car pick up sign must be in the window  
      4. Drivers without car signs will be asked to go to the front office and show picture ID to verify he/she is allowed to pick up. 


    Tardy Procedures

    School begins promptly at 7:45 AM. To be considered “on time”, your child must be in his/her seat in the classroom at 7:45 AM. If your child is being brought by car, parents must plan for enough time to wait in the car line, and then allow your child enough time to walk to class. If your child is getting out of your car by 7:40 AM, he/she should make it to class fine. If your child is tardy (arriving in car line close to the 7:45 AM bell, or to class after 7:45 AM) then you will need to park and escort your child to the main office and check in as a visitor. Once you have signed in, you will need to escort your child to the Guidance Department to be checked in late. We begin unloading cars at 7:20 AM in two separate car lines to allow all car riding families the ability to be on time. We greatly appreciate your efforts in getting your child to school on time each day.  

    School Procedures

    Visitors on Campus

    We welcome all parents, volunteers, and visitors on campus that are here on legitimate business. The procedure to follow is as such:  

    • All visitors will check in the front office.
    • If a visitor is checking out a child or coming to have lunch, a picture identification must be shown and verified with the students’ emergency form.
    • The visitor’s ID will electronically be scanned and the visitor will receive a yellow sticker to wear on campus.
    • Employees have been instructed to stop anyone without this sticker identification.
    • The visitor must come back up to the office to sign out and return the yellow name tag.  


    Checking a Student Out of School  

    • All visitors will check in the front office.
    • A picture identification must be shown and verified with the students’ emergency form.
    • The student will be called to the office to be dismissed. Students may not be checked out after 1:45 PM.
    • Visitors are not permitted to go to classrooms to pick up children.  


    Lunch with a Student We encourage parents to eat lunch with their child(ren) when they can. The following procedures will be followed:  

    • All visitors must check in the front office.
    • The visitor must show a picture ID and have it verified that he or she is listed on the child’s emergency form.
    • The visitor’s ID will electronically be scanned and the visitor will receive a yellow sticker to wear on campus.
    • The visitor will meet the child outside of the lunchroom at one of the picnic tables. They must remain at the picnic tables for the duration of the lunch period.
    • These visitors are not permitted to eat inside with other students. Please reschedule if there is intermittent weather.
    • The visitor may only sit with the child they came to eat lunch with. No friends or other children may join them.
    • The child will rejoin the class as the class dismisses from the cafeteria.
    • The visitor must come back up to the office to sign out.


    Changing the Way a Student Goes Home


    For safety reasons, it is very important that you and your child know how your child gets home daily. It is understandable that in some cases, this must change. When this occurs, the parent must send in a dated note that details this change. If a teacher does not receive a note, the child will go home the regular method.


    If an emergency arises during the day and a parent must change the manner in which their child goes home, the parent must come in (with picture ID) to the office or must fax the request to the office with a signature and copy of the picture ID on the fax. The student will be notified at the end of the day of the change. This must be done before 1:30 PM.


    Rainy Days:  Please make sure you have an alternate plan for dismissal during rainy days and the teacher knows the alternate plan.  If there is not an alternate plan, your child will go home based on the usual way he/she goes home in the afternoons.


    “An Equal Opportunity School District”