Welcome Virtual/Homeschool April1, 2020-?

  • Welcome to our new normal! Beginning Wednesday, April 1, 2020 we will start our virtual/homeschool education (this isn't and April Fools Joke). I will be using Class Dojo and this website to relay information to you regarding the class expections until we are able to return to school. Attendance will be taken each morning by having you contact me via Class Dojo, email, or text messaging (Dojo is really the best option since I would have everything in one location). This needs to be done before 8:45 so that I can submit the information by 9:00 ( I know this is different from what I told you when I spoke with you, but as we continue with this new dilivery method we keep getting new information from the district). We will be using the following programs and platforms for learning:


    • i-Ready, MyOn, Studies Weekly,
    • StemScopes, Zoom (virtual classroom)
    • Dojo Virtual
    • These may change as we learn together what works for us as a class/school.


    I will need everyone who is doing computer lessons to make sure you work on your lessons daily. If I check and you haven't worked on them, I have to go back into the attendance and mark you absent.


    For those of you without computer access, I have spoken to most of your parents (my homeroom only) and told them what you need to do. If you are in Mrs. Morgan's Homeroom I will be getting a list from her telling me who needs workpackets. When you finish your work you will need to send me a picture of what you have completed. This will also need to be done daily to keep your attendance as present for the day.



    This week is PE. Check out Coach Seager and Coach Kidney's webpages to find your assignment for the week. Take a picture and send it to my Class Dojo so that I can share it with them.

    Week of 4/6/2020 you have Art with Mrs. Denmark so check out her website to find out what you need to do for her.

    Week of 4/13/2020 you have Music with Mrs. Billig be sure to check out her website for you assignment.


    Offic hours to return phone calls: 9:00-10:00 AM and 1:00-2:00 PM (These times will be flexible if I have something come up that needs my attention during thoose two hours. If so, I will contact you when I am free that day or within 24 hours of your notification.)


    Please notify me with a Dojo message, an email, or a text that you would like me to call you.