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    Parent Letter for Distant Learning


     Activity Chart This was made in Microsoft Word. If you are unable to see the chart, just list the information on a sheet of paper. Include date, name of activity, time spent on activity, and parent signature. Remember the minimum goal is 60 minutes per week.



    Dear students and family members,


    The physical education team at our school is working with resources from to help you stay physically active and healthy while our schools are closed. In order to meet physical education goals during this time students must be physically active for 60 minutes each week. Use this physical activity log to record your activity time.


    Remember, activity time does not have to happen all at once. You can add up your total activity throughout the week to equal 60 minutes. Then, either send the chart electronically or take a picture of the completed chart to send electronically to or


    Thank you for your cooperation. Stay active and stay well.



    Your Physical Education Staff

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