• * Students are required to have a mask and a bottle of water every day. 

    * Students MUST have tennis shoes/ sneakers every day. This helps keep everyone safe on the playground when we are allowed to participate. 

    * Please encourage your students to unfasten and fasten their clothes when going to the restroom. Also, to to tie their own shoes, and blow their own noses. 

    * Encourage your child to always ask for help at school as needed. 

    * It is important to have a consistent nightly bedtime routine. This ensures your child comes to school well rested and ready to learn. 

    * Reading is an excellent bedtime routine activity. Reading to your child is one of the most valuable gifts you can give to your child. 

    * Talking with your child about school is an amazing way to help build a safe and successful school year. 

  • * For the first week of school  Please make sure to put a name tag on your students back back.  

    This will help us to easly identify your student. 

    * Please mark all belongings that are sent with your child to school with his or her name so there is no mix up in belongings.