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Guidance Office



    The guidance office is where you will find our guidance clerk who handles all staffing and student record files.  The School Counselors are also located in the guidance department. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tina Garvin, our Guidance Clerk, by email Tina.Garvin@marion.k12.fl.us  or by phone at  352-671-7261.



    General Information

    Attendance: As parents, it is your responsibility to assure your child/children have regular, timely attendance. However, if a child is not on campus by 7:45, he/she must check in at the Front Office before reporting to class. Also, if children are chronically absent, tardy, or picked up early, notices may be sent from the Guidance Office in accordance with Marion County School System policies and FL statutes.  Upon your child's return to school, send a hand-written note as to the reason for the absence.  If your child has been seen by a doctor, please send the doctor's note.

    Official Records: Your child's cumulative records are housed in the Guidance Office. If you need to review anything in the folder, please call ahead and make an appointment for someone to go over the contents with you. If you need a copy of any document in your child's folder, we can provide it for you.  If you request more than two copies, a charge will be assessed at 5 cents per copy.  Again, please call ahead and we will try and have it ready for you or will send it home via your child. If you are transferring out of Dr. N.H. Jones Elementary, we will make sure all necessary documents are forwarded to your child's new school.

    *If you are a non-custodial parent who wishes to have copies of report cards, interim reports, and other routine school information, please see your child's teacher.

    Health Services Program
    During the school year, all students are eligible to participate in certain health services. Health screenings including, but not limited to, vision, hearing, and scoliosis will be conducted at various grade levels. Parents will be notified if these screenings indicate the need for follow-up. If a parent does not wish for his/her child to participate in health screenings, they should send a written note to the principal on a yearly basis requesting their child be excluded from participation.

    Health services begin the first week of school. Parents are encouraged to call the school if they have health concerns regarding their child. The visiting health nurse provides health counseling, health education, and assistance with medical referrals and necessary follow-up. In the case of a health emergency, “911” (emergency medical services) will be called and the parent/guardian will be notified immediately. In the event the parent/guardian cannot be reached, the person designated by the parent/guardian to call “in the case of emergency” will be notified. School health insurance forms are available upon request in the main office.

    Medicine and Medication
    If students are to take medication at school, an authorization form must be on file in the clinic naming the drug and the physician who prescribed the medicine, phone number of the physician, amount and times medication is to be given and the health condition requiring the medication. Students will not be permitted to take medication without a complete authorization form (including inhalers). The medicine is to be brought to school in the original container and kept in the clinic.

    Students are not allowed to keep medication in lockers, desks, purses, etc., or on their person; however, a metered dose inhaler as prescribed by a physician for asthma is permitted. Upon arriving at school, students should bring the authorization form and the medication immediately to the clinic. Schedule medication for times other than school hours if possible. Over the counter drugs, such as aspirin, asper gum, cough or throat lozenge, cough syrup, decongestants, etc., should not be brought to school.



    My mission as your child's counselor is to assist you and his/her teachers in facilitating Dr. N.H. Jones’ vision/ mission statement and goals for each and every student.


    A Counselor's Goals

    Help children understand themselves and others

    Help to identify children with special needs

    Provide crisis intervention

    Develop plans to prevent academic/behavioral problems from developing

    Provide Character Education program

    Coordinate the efforts of other professionals working for children

    Promote positive attitudes toward persons of diverse cultural, racial, ability, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

    Help children develop appropriate social-emotional skills


    Parent Resources

    Marion County Counseling Services Availabilities

    The following agencies are currently allowed to provide services on MCPS campuses if the services do not conflict with academic instructional time. MCPS does not endorse any one agency; this list is provided only to inform parents/guardians of counseling service availabilities. MCPS is not responsible for payment of these services.

     Arnette House


    The Arnette House provides counseling both on and off our main campus to help youth ages 6-17 and their families resolve crisis situations and stay together. This may include opening lines of communication, teaching effective conflict resolution skills, or reducing high-risk behaviors.


    Assist families in opening lines of communication

    Teach families effective conflict resolution skills

    Reduce high-risk antisocial behaviors

    Link families with needed community resources

    Teach effective parenting skills


    Camelot Community Care


    Camelot's In-Home Counseling Program provides counseling and psychiatric services to clients in their home, school or in the community. Our programs utilize several evidenced based practices including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Functional Family Therapy, Multi-Dimensional Family Therapy, and others. The level of service provided to each client and/or their family is based upon the individual needs of the client.


    The Centers


    The Centers offers individual, family, and group/peer therapy for children ages 17 and under. Children receive specialized treatment designed to meet the child’s specific needs from master’s level clinicians. Our compassionate therapists are equipped to provide healing care addressing the following issues or experiences children may be struggling to overcome (not limited to):




    family conflict




    behavioral issues




    Children’s Home Society


    We provide the following types of behavioral health care in your community which include services from a mental health and psychiatric treatment professional: Assessment and Evaluation

    Individual, Child and Family Therapy

    Medication Evaluation and Management

    Targeted Case Management


    Families First

    813-290-8560, Option #4

    Families First of Florida provides the following services for children with mental and/or behavioral challenges:

    Psychiatry/medication management

    Mental health assessments



    Brief behavioral

    Individual counseling (in-home and office)

    Family counseling (in-home and office)

    Child parent psychotherapy (specific locations)

    Parent-child CBT (Lakeland)

    Behavioral services (integrated with counseling)

    In-home parenting programs

    Therapeutic visitation


    Key Life Concepts


    We assist in creating success for your children not only by improving their academic and behavioral skills, but also by working with parents to create new home routines to increase school success. For clients receiving in-school counseling, counselors meet with the client and parents in-homes at least one time each month. Our counselors are trained in the research proven methods of Motivational Interviewing and Stages of Change theory.