• Critical Thinking Requirements

    Parents and Guardians:

    Your student is enrolled in Critical Thinking this semester. This class is used to enrich your student’s education by providing a class period in which they are able to complete homework, classwork, reading, or any other areas where there may be needs or deficits in their learning. They will be expected to be an active learner and follow all school rules and policies while in this class. All classes now have a semester exam attached to them, so they will be required to complete some activities in reading comprehension in order to be successful on their exam.

    • NO phones, music devices, tablets, or other technology are allowed per county policy. If they are visible they will be confiscated. 7th and 8th graders may bring a calculator for math and science.
    • Students, school work is your own and is not to be shared with others. If you are found in possession of another student’s work, caught copying, or engaging in any other form of cheating, your work will be confiscated, your teachers will be informed, and disciplinary action will be taken.

    • Students will receive a minimum of one grade per week while in Critical thinking. This grade will be a reading comprehension activity, timed reading, or another activity chosen by the teacher to enrich your student's learning.