• Week 2 Agenda August 24-August 28

    Monday: Why Study History

    Tuesday: Geography: Reading and Labeling Maps

    Wednesday: Continue Geography and Begin Stone Age

    Block Day (Thursday/Friday): Continue discussing Stone Age


    Week 3 Agenda August 31-September 4

    Monday: Early Human Migration

    Tuesday: Beginning of Agriculture

    Wednesday: Review Stone Age Section

    Block Day (Thursday/Friday): Notebook Checks, Chapter 1 and 2 Vocabulary Quiz, and begin Chapter 3: Mesopotamia


    Week 4 Agenda September 7-11


    Tuesday: 10 Characteristics of a Civilization

    Wednesday: Sumerian Achievments Chart

    Block Day (Thursday/Friday): Notebook Checks, Babylonia and the Phoenicians Writing Activity (Minimum 1 Paragraph, 5 sentences minimum) Test next Tuesday.


    Week 5 Agenda September 14-18

    Monday: Chapter 3 Test Review, Homework due on Block Day: Chaper 3 Vocabulary Worksheet and Agenda Check

    Tuesday: Open-Book and Open-Note Chapter 3 Test

    Wednesday: 1/2 Day Discuss Hammurabi's Code

    Block Day (Thursday/Friday): Begin DBQ #1 Homework due on Block Day: Chapter 3 Vocabulary Worksheet and Agenda Check


    Week 6 Agenda September 21-25

    Monday: Continue working on DBQ #1

    Tuesday: Continue working on DBQ #1

    Wednesday: Last day of DBQ #1

    Block Day (Thursday/Friday): Begin Chapter 4 Ancient Egypt