• In the 6th grade Social Studies class, we will be studying World History. Our primary focus will be ancient World History beginning with the civilizations of Southwest Asia. Some of the civilizations we will be studying are Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, Greece and Rome.  Eighth graders will be studying U.S. History – starting with the early settlement of North America and continuing until the period of reconstruction following the U.S. Civil War. We will be discussing many topics, including religious and cultural diversity, colonial rule and influence, global interdependence, nationalism, imperialism, environmental issues, cultural diffusion, migrations of people in modern times as well as the past, ethnic conflict, current events and many more.

    Hopefully, we will have a great year of learning and fun. One requirement for all the Social Studies classes will be having and accurately maintaining an interactive notebook. How we will set-up and use this notebook will be thoroughly explained in class. Students will need a spiral notebook for this task.