7th Grade Inclusion Math and Science, and 6th grade Reading 1st period

  • Hello, my name is Rita Mathews. I graduated from Indiana State University with a Bachelor's Degree and a Master Degree in Elementary Education, an endorsement in ESE from Florida Southern. I have been teaching for 30 years. I have taught here at Fort King since 1985 in the areas of Language Arts, Reading, Health, Emotionally Handicapped, and inclusion for all subjects in grades 6 & 7. I have 3 grandchildren who I love spending time with. Luke is in 4th grade gifted, Ada is in 3rd grade at a Charter School, and Jacob is in 2nd graded gifted. I will be retiring on January 20, 2019.

    I will be teaching 8th grade 50 minute intensive reaading classes and 1 mixed grade level reading class this year. My goal is to help your child become an efficient reader, score proficient on the FSA so they can enjoy having an extracurricular class here at Fort King. That requires them to participate in class dily, read nightly with a parent or adult, and complete a homework log on a weekly basis to assist them in meeting their reading goal.