Jo Johnson's U.S. History Class



    The web site for Jo Johnson's 8th grade U.S. History classes can be found at All students have created individual accounts on Edmodo, where assignments and announcements will be posted.  Parents received information to create their own accounts at the beginning of the school year.  If your child has recently transferred into Ms. Johnson's class and does not yet have an account, please have him/her speak with Ms. Johnson to get instructions.  If your child already has an account and you do not yet have your parent account, go here to get instructions to create your parent account. You may communicate with me by text messaging through Edmodo and receive text alerts of upcoming assignments and announcements if you wish. The link to Parent Resources on Edmodo is here.

    Please note that grades will NOT be posted to Edmodo, as teachers are required to use the district grading system.




    Some parents and students may be familiar with ClassDojo from earlier grades, but I have found that it is also effective with middle schoolers.  ClassDojo is a behavior management system that awards positive and negative points for classroom behavior.  There are several other features that are useful in the classroom (random selection of students for participation, grouping of students for center activities, videos that encourage students, and more).  As a parent, ClassDojo is a great way for you to reward your child for great classroom behavior and to be aware of potential problems early so that you and I can work together to help your child succeed.  For more information about how it works, please click here. At the beginning of the school year, your child will establish his/her account and you will receive a printed invitation with your sign-up code. You are also able to send me text messages through ClassDojo.

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