Course Description

  •  8th grade Science

    Fostering a culture of success one student at a time!


    Contact information:  Email:  Phone: 671-4725 Ext. 55488   Room# 1-072


    Materials:   1) All students are required to bring a pencil or pen to class everyday!

      2) Occasionally a long sleeve old shirt will be needed to use as a lab coat.

      3) Students can write in their science books and remove pages for class.

      4)Please send 1 ream of copy paper & Glue sticks: Due ASAP


    Course Outline:         School provided textbook, multi-media presentations, demonstrations, and inquiry based learning we will explore various concepts and scientific problem solving, Chemistry & Physics.


    Daily lesson plans/homework can be found online @


    Grades:                   Tests & Projects 40%    Quizzes & Classwork 50%    Homework 10%   


    Dear Parents:

         I have a classroom discipline plan that affords students guidance in making decisions about his/her behavior and thus an opportunity to learn in a positive, nurturing classroom environment. Your child deserves the most positive educational climate possible for his/her growth and together we can make a difference in this process. The plan below outlines our classroom rules and consequences for inappropriate behavior:

                Rules:                                                                         Consequences:

    1. Follow Directions                                                 1st    Warning

    2. Be on time,                                                         2nd   Complete a violation worksheet

    3. Be seated & quiet when bell rings                         3rd    Stay for Detention after school

    4. Be prepared for class (all materials)                      4th   Referral to Vice Principal

    5. Don’t leave seat without permission


         To encourage students to follow our rules, appropriate behavior will be recognized with praise, positive notes and phone calls home.  Please ask your child to review this classroom plan with you, then sign and return the form. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about this plan or any other matter.