• Textbook

    The Digits virtual textbook will be used in class, along with supplementary materials. This textbook is located online through www.pearsonrealize.com. Students may also access the textbook through their portal. Students will receive their login information within the first two weeks of school. A "Homework Companion" book may only be obtained if a student does not have internet access at home.

    Other resources students may find helpful include khanacademy.org and VMathlive.com.

    Materials and Supplies* (required to bring the following items to class every day):

    • Spiral Notebook (1 subject)
    • Folder
    • Pencil
    • Notebook paper


    • TI-30Xa calculator (this is the calculator used for FSA testing)

    *Each student will be responsible for contributing (2) items to the classroom supplies. This information will be provided to students in class, to bring home.

    Grading Scale

    A: 100 – 90

    B:   89 – 80

    C:   79 – 70

    D:   69 – 60

    F:   59 and below

    Assignment Weight Evaluation

    Tests & Projects: 50%

    Classwork: 40% 

    Homework: 10%

    Total: 100% 


    Tests- Tests will be given throughout the year, at the discretion of the teacher. Students will be given sufficient notice, of date and content to be covered, prior to any test. This information will also be posted on the website. Tests should be completed independently. Using notes, cell phone, talking, or cheating during a test is NOT allowed. If a student is found doing such things, he/she will receive a zero on the test and will not be given the opportunity to retake the test.  

    If a student is absent on test day, he/she must make up missed test within a week of the absence. This must be done either before or after school, and an appointment must be made. If the student is not able to make arrangements to stay after school, the test may be given during class time but the student is responsible for all missed work.

    o   Test Retake Policy: Students have the opportunity to request a test retake. ONLY (1) retake will be given per test. Students must come before school from 8:30-9:05 AM or after school from 3:55-4:30 PM. Test retakes are by appointment ONLY. If the student is unable to come before or after school, parent must notify teacher for class time retake to be given. Student will be responsible for all work missed during class time due to retake. Teacher discretion may be used when approving these requests. Please be advised that student will receive a different version of the original test. Retake must be completed within a week of receiving the original test back. In order for retake to be allowed, the following must be completed:

    •   Parent Signature on original test.
    •   Students must go through and correct all problems missed on original test. All work must be shown.


    Classwork- Students will be given classwork periodically to be completed individually, occasionally with a partner, or in a station as a part of a small group. A collection of designated student classwork assignments will be kept in the student’s folder in the classroom. At the end of each unit, selected assignments will be collected and submitted to the teacher for grading. Therefore, participation in class activities and class assignments are important to informally assess student learning and understanding. 


    Math Notebook Guidelines- A spiral notebook is needed for note taking & vocabulary.

    • The front of your spiral notebook should be labeled with your name, teacher name, and class period.
    • Students will also need a folder with pockets (prongs are optional)


    Quizzes- Quizzes will be given throughout the year, at the discretion of the teacher. A Learning Check will take place at the end of each unit (timeline established by the District), and counted as a quiz grade in the gradebook. As with tests, sufficient notice will be given to students, of date and content to be covered, prior to any quizzes or learning checks. Also, the same rules apply here, that are explained under the "Tests" heading above.


    Homework- Students will be assigned homework periodically, each week, to reinforce key math concepts and will be informed of due dates. Late homework will only be accepted as the result of an absence. Most homework (in 7th grade) will be assigned through Digits program. If internet access is NOT available at home, PLEASE notify the teacher so other arrangements may be made. Most Algebra homework will be hardcopy.


    Make-up Work- In the case of an absence, it is the responsibility of the student to obtain any missing assignments. Make-up work will be due, according to district guidelines. Missed assessments will have to be scheduled to take within a week of the absence, either before or after school.