Mr. Chotiner's Science Class

  • I'm Gary Chotiner and I will be your child's 8th grade physical science teacher for the 2016-2017 school year. I began my teaching career at Ft. King in 1977 and taught here through 1985 (with the exception of 1979-80 when I moved to Pinellas County for one year). In 1985 my wife (Kathy) and I opened the Marion County Sylvan Learning Center. We owned and operated the Sylvan Center for 17 1/2 years before deciding to sell so that we could spend more time with our daughters (I also needed to fish/travel more before I'm too old). In 2003 I decided to return to the classroom at Ft. King Middle School---the only school I choose to teach at! My first year back was for the 2003-2004 school year. My teaching credentials are in the areas of Social Studies (History) and Science, although I'm quite comfortable in teaching Math and Reading! I have 2 daughters (Sarah and Marie) and spend most of my vacation time fishing wherever the water is blue and the fish are big!

    The PHYSICAL SCIENCE class is designed to provide students with a look into the nonliving world of matter. Our class will be a combination of Physics and Chemistry. Students will be using the Glencoe PHYSICAL SCIENCE textbook. The student copy of the text is consumable and will be kept at home. I maintain a class set at school for their convenience. During the first semester we will be focused on CHEMISTRY; the 2nd semester we will focus on PHYSICS (energy and how it interacts with matter).

    Please visit my website weekly and stay up to date with what we are doing. If questions arise: CONTACT ME! 671-4725 EXT. 55452 or email me at Gary.Chotiner@marion.k12.fl.US---I have always returned emails and calls before the day ends! The more we ALL stay connected, the greater the value of this school year and my class will be for the students! 

    I will provide every student with a journal for recording notes/observations and a folder for lab write-ups and other handouts. Students need only bring a pencil and we will be good to go! A positive attitude combined with a work ethic will go a long way in cultivating success in my class (as well as life!)

    Finally, I ask for a donation (if you are able to provide one) of one ream of copy paper  box of pencils or Kleenex. I will be providing the students with many time saving handouts and the donation of paper is greatly appreciated!

    Tests = 40%

    Quizzes & Classwork = 50 %

    Homework = 10%