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    Students will be reading, writing, listening, and presenting. We will work in groups and individually to improve ourselves, challenge ourselves, and prepare ourselves for the 'real world'.


    Students will be expected to follow the Wings of Excellance:

    Be Safe   Be On Time   Be an Active Learner   Be Respectful   Be Responsible



    Planners/agendas are also graded and are available in the office for $2. 


    Important reminders for parents and students:

    Use the student or parent portal often to check grades and view the most current grade and/or missing assignments.

    Any assignment can be submitted within a grading period for full credit as long as it is turned in before the final date of that grading period. Any missing assignment can be turned in for full credit. See Microsoft Teams for assignments. 

    Please contact me via email for any concerns or questions about this class. Most questions can be answered by checking the student gradebook and discussing these issues with the student. Remember, they need to be responsible for their work - a student who takes ownership of their grade, actions, and reactions will fair way better in the future!

    Students will have nightly homework assigned on Monday and will be due on Friday. 


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