Welcome to Mrs. Bowden's 6th Grade English Language Arts Class!

  • Good Morning! I'm a little late this morning so if you logged on early, sorry. :(


    OK This week there is a BINGO form under classwork for you to complete this week. The goal is for you to have an assignment each day. Or you can complete them all at your pace. 


    The main assignment is the CommonLit assignment with the article "A Quick Note on Getting Better at Difficult Things". Most of you are doing great on your assignments , but I need to remind you to use the RACE strategy when answering questions. Restate the question, answer the question, Cite evidence from the text, and Explain your answer. Your answer should be in complete sentences (more than one). You should have 3-5 sentences. Sentences should start with capital letters and include punctuation. 


    I have also included a homework element. I am not sure how this works on your part, but you should be able to edit the worksheet (put your answer) and submit it online through Google Classroom. 


    Again, be patient as we navigate these new experiences and remind parents to be patient, too. I know this gets frustrating, but I'm here to help. I'm not trying to make this difficult, I'm trying to keep all of your assignments in one location and it may take time and practice to get used to this new way of learning. Please respond in emails respectfully and give me as much information about the problems you are having. If you can't access a site please tell me which site and what steps you have taken so I can help you fully and not give you steps you've already tried.


    Here's your checklist for this week:

    1. Check your email - I will get it completed by noon April 6th.

    2. Check the Teacher webpage. You're here! Check the assignments page and the online help for codes and hints.

    3. Google Classroom - g6mva47 - where you will find the BINGO chart, links to the CommonLit assignment, a daily question (once you answer it you do not have to answer it again) and your homework. :)

    4. I will be checking in daily and receive all notifications on my phone (which chirps all day long) so do not hesitate to email me or send a private message through Google Classroom. 

    That should cover everything. Hope you are well and not going crazy yet! Miss you all. Hang in there!


    ♥Mrs. Bowden


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  • I miss you guys and we're in this together. Email me any time: mary.bowden@marion.k12.fl.us

    You may also contact Miss G



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  • Studious Dog


     Be sure to check out the assignments page as well as the links you can use page.

    I may even post a video . . . if I can figure it out!