Welcome to Pre-Algebra!

  • Hello,

    My name is Kayleigh Beaulieu (Bowl-ee-oh) and I teach 8th grade Pre-Algebra as well as 7th grade Advanced Math here at Fort King Middle School.

    My hours at the school are from 8am-4pm. The best time to call is between 830-9am. However, an even easier way to reach me is through email. I am constantly checking my email throughout the day or during lunch and I can guarantee a response within 24 hours.


    **Important Information**

    1. Check your child's planner. Teachers update their weekly/daily agenda all the time. Students should have homework, tests, and quizzes written in their planner.
    2. I will be staying after school one day per week for students who would like extra help.  The day has not yet been determined- most likely will be either Tuesday or Wednesday from 4-5pm. If you choose to take advantage of this opportunity, please be PROMPT when picking up your child. I cannot stay after 5pm.
    3. Homework policies: 7th grade students will be assigned paper HW out of their Go Math Workbook. Best results come from HW that is done the night it is assigned, but students will have until Friday to turn in homework for full credit. 8th grade students have homework online. It is usually left up all week- which means when I close it Sunday at midnight- that's it. Students will NOT be given any extra time to complete homework assignments. Each student is also given a regular textbook, if online is an issue- please do homework out of the book.
    4. Assessments will be given periodically throughout the school year- most will be online, others will be on paper. If your student fails an assessment, there will ONE opportunity to do a retake. Before the retake is possible, I will need you to fill out a form acknowledging that you know about the original grade, your child must also complete the test corrections and/or extra practice. More information will be attached after our first assessment. There will be two dates only afterschool to retake. Arrangements must be made for one of those two days, no other opportunities will be given- as this is a courtesy to increase your child's grade, not a requirement.
    5. Extra credit is given every quarter in the form of a three part project. To get credit, students must follow all directions and do all three pieces. Unfinished projects will not be graded. If work is sloppy and directions have not been followed, work will not be scored. These projects are worth up to 300 points of extra credit. They will be handed out directly after progress reports and they will be due the week before grades close for report cards (approximately 3 weeks to complete project). These projects are to be done at home, students will NOT have time in class to work on them. If materials will be an issue for you, please get in touch so I can try to gather materials for your child. Please remember this is extra credit... it will not always "save" your child- if a student has a 10%, this one assignment will not pass them; however, it will help raise their average which will help with their final course grade. Students must learn to act responsibly and study for tests, turn in homework ON TIME, and complete all classwork. 


    Thank you and I look forward to an awesome school year!


    Contact Information:

    Phone: 352-671-4725 ext. 55490

    Email: kayleigh.beaulieu@marion.k12.fl.us