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    Tracy Chinn - Library Media Specialist

    Bonita Long - Library Assistant



    The Media Center at Fort King Middle School is designed to meet the needs of both students and faculty by providing a wide variety of materials to supplement the curriculum. These materials are available for students, faculty, staff, and parents to use. The media center is designed to provide a quiet, friendly atmosphere in which patrons can access materials in a variety of formats appropriate to all interests and viewpoints. Our goal is to promote reading and provide access to information.


    Teachers:  8:15-4:30

    Students:  9:05 – 4:00. 


    The library is open throughout the day.  Students must have a pass to come to the library between 9:25 and 3:45.


    Please check the library schedule for the next time your LA class is scheduled for the library or upcoming AR prizes or other library events.


    1. Each student may check out two books for a two week period.
    2. A student may renew the book(s) if more time is needed. To renew a book, bring the book to the library and the book will be scanned to give the student another two weeks of reading.
    3. If a book is not returned or renewed prior to the due date, the student will be charged an overdue fine of $.05 per day, per book. The overdue fine for each book is capped at $1.00
    4. If a book is lost or damaged, the student is responsible for paying the replacement cost.
    5. Refunds will be paid if a book is found and returned in the same school year, and the book is in the same condition it was checked out in.
    6. Students who have 1 overdue book, can still check out a second book from our “Second Chance” shelf.
    7. Students should pay overdue fines as soon as possible, however having a fine will not stop a student from being able to checkout books.
    8. Any student with an overdue book or owing overdue fines will not be able to attend an after school event or go on a field trip until the book(s) is returned or paid for and any fines paid.


    destiny library catalog

    Students can look for a book or check to see what books they have checked out and when they are due by going to their student portal, clicking on “Library Media Resources” on the black line at the bottom of the page, and then clicking on “Destiny”.   All Marion County schools will appear in alphabetical order, choose “Fort King Middle School” in the Middle School column.  Then login with your student username and password (the same username and password used to get into your portal).



    You can look for an eBook to read by clicking on “Catalog” in Destiny.  Make sure to choose “electronic Book (eBook)”  in the material type drop down.  Click on the “find” space and press enter.  A list of all eBooks will come up.  You can also search for specific eBooks by typing a subject, author, or title in the “find” search

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    Gifts are always appreciated. All gifts will be evaluated by the media specialist and placed in the appropriate collection. Gifts may be added to the Media Center collection, given to teachers for classroom libraries, or placed on the second chance shelf.


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    Parents:  The single most important thing you can do to make your child a more successful student is to encourage them to read.  Please partner with us by setting aside time each night for reading and helping them find a quiet, comfortable place to read.  Children learn what they live, so reading with them is very powerful.  Check out the following links.


    Parent's Guide to Accelerated Reader

    Parent's Guide to AR BookFinder


    Please use AR Home Connect to keep up with how much your child is reading and what your child is reading.  You can also setup an email alert to get an email each time your child takes an AR test.  This makes for a great conversation starter.  Show your child that their reading is important to you.  Ask them what the book was about and how much they liked the book.  Some books are great ways to start a conversation about current events or controversial topics.


    To login to AR Home Connect:  The username is your child’s student number.  The password is the 2 digit month and 4 digit year your child was born with no spaces.  For example:  the password for a child born on July 4th 2003 would be 072003.


    The Accelerated Reader program was designed to monitor a student’s reading, reward them for their reading, and motivate them to read more.  I have found that food motivates most middle school students.  AR prizes are given out each month.  The average comprehension must be 80% or higher to receive AR prizes.  The prizes are cumulative.  Students receive all prizes as they read, test, and earn more points.  The ultimate goal is to grow lifelong readers who read for pleasure.   

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    The Sunshine State Young Readers Award (SSYRA) Program is a statewide reading motivational program for students in grades 3 through 8, sponsored by the Florida Department of Education and Florida Association for Media in Education.  The purpose of the SSYRA program is to encourage students to read independently for pleasure and to read books at their reading level in order to promote improved fluency and comprehension.  These books are selected by librarians across the state and are chosen from a variety of genres that offer cross-curricular connections as well as a wide appeal. 


    We all have a particular genre that we lean towards.  Personally, I like action adventure and fantasy.  Because I read all 15 Sunshine State books, I am reading books that I might not normally choose.  I am expanding my reading and find that I like realistic fiction, especially historical fiction.   I encourage students to read as many of these books as they can during the year.  They too will find that they like books they normally would not have read.  To encourage them to read outside their favorite author or genre, I have a Sunshine State Ice Cream Social.  The more Sunshine State books they read, the more scoops of ice cream and ice cream toppings they get.


    To view the list of this year’s Sunshine State books and read a summary of each book, view the Sunshine State Young Readers Award Books list.

    You can also view a book trailer

    All Fall Down

    Bot Wars

    The Crossover


    The Honest Truth


    The Luck Uglies

    The Neptune Project

    Nickel Bay Nick

    The Sinister Sweetness of Splendid Academy

    The Summer I Saved the World in 65 Days

    The Tapper Twins Go To War (With Each Other)

    Turn Left at the Cow



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    Marion County promotes the FINDS research method.   

    F – Focus

    I – Investigate

    N – Note Taking

    D – Develop

    S – Score


    Click here for more information on the FINDS research method.


    Click here to get specific directions on how to use the FINDS research method.


    Click here to get a FINDS graphic organizer to use when doing research.


    When doing research, students should get into the habit of using the databases that Marion County provides our students on their desktop portal.  When using these resources instead of Google, students are certain that the information is reliable, valid, and accurate.  These databases also provide citations, offer read aloud for the articles, offer translation into other languages, and students have the ability to highlight, take notes, and save the site on their One Drive.

    Students should use gale cengage   and world book



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Accelerated Reader Program

Accelerated Reader Program

The Reading Counts! program provides students with practice that develops essential fluency, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and test-taking skills.

The Accelerated Reader (AR) Program provides teachers and children a fun and exciting way to promote reading at home and in the classroom. The kids love to watch their progress and teachers often involve the students in setting AR point goals for the year.

To view a complete list of which books have AR quizzes, go to AR BookFinder Program.

If you would like to see which books we have in our school library, go to Destiny, our online card catalog, and click on our school.

Accelerated Reader Resources