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    Location of Fort King Middle School:

    545 NE 17th Avenue

    Ocala, Florida 34470



    Ft. King Middle School will challenge students of all abilities to achieve excellence in a wide range of academic, cultural, and sporting activities. It will equip students for the demands and opportunities of the twenty-first century by offering a differentiated, effective and rigorous curriculum as an entitlement to all. A professional and highly motivated staff, in partnership with parents, will encourage each student to achieve his/her full potential. In a discipline and caring environment, based on mutual respect, each student will be valued as an individual in his/her own right and his/her moral development encouraged.


    Fort King Middle School's mission is to develop the existing potential of all students by building relationships and providing opportunities to enhance individual success in an evolving society through Employment, Enlistment, or Enrollment pathways.    


    Fort King Middle School is a neighborhood school located within the city limits of Ocala. The school building was constructed in 1963 with a major expansion completed in 2001. The physical plant consists of 43 classrooms, a gym, a cafeteria, and a modern media center. Our science-technology laboratory, the Technosphere, was constructed through DOE grant money in 1996.


    Recent additions include four computer labs: Two state of the art instructional labs, one networked remediation lab, an Enterprise 180 lab, school wide LAN/WAN and student internet access in every classroom, with an additional ten student computer workstations in the media center. Every teacher has a computer in his/her classroom with access to the county-wide database.


    The school has three administrators: The Principal, an Assistant Principal for Discipline, and an Assistant Principal for Curriculum. The faculty consists of 60 teachers, one media specialist, two guidance counselors, and 32 other instructional support staff. Approximately 69% of the staff have Bachelor's degrees and 31% have a Master's degree or above.


    Fort King’s population has a mobility rate of approximately 43%, and is comprised of 1013 students. The school is comprised of approximately 49% minority students and 51% Caucasian students. The school has an equal distribution of males and females. Approximately 81% of the students are eligible for free or reduced lunch.


    The school serves a number of students in special programs. Approximately 3.4% of the students are in the gifted program, 12% of students are in programs for mildly handicapped students and 3% of students are in programs designed for moderately or severely handicapped students. 7.1% of students are served in ESOL programs.


    Research shows that student attendance is directly related to student performance. Fort King has an overall attendance rate of approximately 94%. 29% of students were absent 11 days or more. 5% of students were absent 21 or more days.


    Through cooperation with school and community, Fort King Middle School believes it will continue to grow in ways that will help it meet the changing needs of the community.



    Fort King Middle's school colors are red and white. Our mascot is the Falcon.

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