Lake Weir High School's CAS

  • Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) is one of the core elements of the IB Diploma.  Designed to ensure academically driven students are also interntionally minded in terms of involvement in thier community and world, the CAS project also allows diploma candidates the opportunity to earn the 100 required community service hours needed for the Bright Futures Scholarship.  (Students may start to log community service hours for Bright Futures starting the freshmen year.)

    CAS requires Diploma Candidates to participate in eighteen months of continous service (beginning the junior year), identifying an area of creativity, activity, or service and writing reflections.  The coming revised handouts give students a more in-depth look at how CAS supports the core elements of the IB program and the Learner Profile.  CAS does not require students to participate in the same project for all eighteen months, rather encourages students to find areas of interest and continue to grow.

    The Lake Weir IB Program has designed a schoo-based CAS project entitled "Save the Shores."  Students work in areas such as youth/education, adult/community, homeless/poverty, and the environment.  All Diploma Candidates have access to a Google Classroom with multiple service opportunties and a Google Drive Folder to house reflections and artifacts.

    If you have any questions about CAS, how it relates to IB, or how to access the Google Classroom, please email Mrs. Roberts.