Mr. David McElveen, Visual Arts, AYE

  • This page will show upcoming events and announcements related to the Visual Arts at Anthony Elementary. To contact me directly, email me at 

  • Dear Anthony Elementary Parents,

    I hope you all are healthy and happy during this unique challenge we are all facing.

    We will be using this web page to provide our students with Art activities while we are engaging in "Distance Learning" and until we return to school in person.

    Each week, I will provide activities for two (2) grade levels, beginning with Kindergarten and 1st grade. This means your student will have an Art assignment once every three (3) weeks. I will post the assignemnts on the "Assignment" page along with links to any external resources you may want to access.

    Since this is ART, you will not be turning anything into me. Your child's art is THEIRS. I just want to provide the students with the opportunity to learn techniques and practice their art skills. If anything, you will simply send me pictures, questions, or concerns, through email or text. 

    I hope that by participating in Art, your children will be able to more easily adapt to the changes we are all adapting to.

    As always, if you have any questions or need anything, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

    Thank you and be safe,

    Mr. McElveen