Greg Tang Math Has opened his website and all resources for FREE during COVID-19 Crisis.

    Florida students.org  lessons and videos based on Florida standards.

    BrainPOP is FREE for educators and families right now.

    EPIC! FREE online book resource you can make available to your parents.

    Generation Genius  Username:    Password: (please request access)

    Generation Genius is a science teaching resource that brings school science standards to life through fun and educational videos paired with lesson plans, activities, quizzes, reading material, discussion questions and more. 

    Kahoot! The same fun game you use as a review in your class can now be played at home. They have opened up all access for free during the crisis.

    Estimation 180 Building number sense one day at a time.

    Three Act Tasks - Original tasks from Graham Fletcher organized by grade level and standard. These are highly engaging very quick videos to get kids thinking! Extend...have your students create their own mystery Number Talk like the Cookie Monster one, and share it via Flipgrid for the rest of your class to engage with!

    University of Houston Three Act Tasks are all new and amazing!

    Prodigy Free math games for students. If you enroll your students, you can even assign certain skills for them to practice.