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  • Mrs. Commerford worked as a professional artist before becoming a teacher. She holds a Bachelors Degree in drawing and a Masters Degree in painting. Her passion is showing others how to ignite their creativity and joy through art. This is her fourth year teaching at Reddick-Collier and has been voted Teacher of the Year.

  • Hello students! I miss you! Despite all of the crazy new changes in our schedules we will carry on. I am in the process of buying a microphone and camera for my computer so that I can make videos (be patient, this is not my field!). As I learn more, I will give you more original content.

    The worksheets assignments that you can see on my webpage are copies from the art packets, which can be picked up at Reddick-Collier sarting on Friday, April 3, 2020.

    For those of you online we will be able to use videos from the wonderful Cassie Stephens for assignments. I know that not all of you have the same art supplies at home and I want you to use whatever is available. Don't worry about not having certain art supplies because the importent part is making art and learning new information. In other words, if what you have is a pencil then that pencil will be just fine!

    I have a lot more to say, but I want to get this up on my webpage today. If you want to write to me then please send me a message at my school email address:



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  • Kindergarten through 1st Grade will work on the symmetry worksheet. 2nd and 3rd Grade will work on the landscape worksheet. Lastly, 4th and 5th Grade will work on the perspective worksheet.

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