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    Can you guess what the photo above is? This a living tree and those are the natural colors. Throughout the year these trees shed their bark in layers and each layer is a partyicular color. If you want to see more photos of these beautiful tree check below for Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees.



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    Bored? Here is more fun stuff to try:

    Dandelion painting  This is made with an empty toilet paper role! Click here for the details: Dandelions


    Plate Faces: Find household objects to put on plates!

    Plate Face


    Pokemon Trading Cards for coloring!  Pokemon Trading Cards to Color and Collect


    If you love Beatrix Potter here are some coloring pages: Peter Rabbit Coloring Pages 


    There is a great link for The Metropolitan Art Gallery for students. Click on one of the dots and another acitivity or location will appear!



    Superintendent's Art Show:  Look at our winning artwork in the online Superintendent's Art Show Winners


    Young in Art Show:  Two other art winners have their art hanging on the walls of the Appleton Art Museum right now. These two artworks are part of the Young in Art Show, and can be seen on facebook at Young in Art alphabetically by school

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    The Appleton Art Museum is hosting Teaching Tuesdays


    Blotto Paintings are so fun and easy!

    Put Paint on half Blotto Art Bug There are just 3 steps: Fold your paper in half. Open the paper up and dribble a few colors of paint next to the fold. Close the paper and squish the paint, then open it.

    This looks so cool and when it is dry you can decorate it by gluing pipe cleaners, googly eyes and pom poms to make a bug. 


    If you don't mind getting messy, here is a video on Gravity Paint Pours,

    a really fun way to use paint: video: Painting


    Under the tab for Gallery there are a few new universe photos that are beautiful.

    See the source image


    We had so much fun making marbleized paper, if you want to do it again it's really easy. All you need is shaving cream, paper, toothpicks and color (food coloring or craft paint) so here is the link:

    Marblized Paper



For Assignments, Please Click on the Tab to the Left

  • Things to Do if You're Bored

    Rainbow Euclyptus Trees:  These tree pictures are natural, unretouched photos of real trees in Hawaii and California. Rainbow Eucalyptus Tall Tree  Yellow Bark Amazing Tree Colors


    Recreate paintings


    Russians decorate isolation by recreating artworks

    MOSCOW (AP) — In the coronavirus lockdown, Russians can’t go to their beloved and renowned museums. So they’re filling the holes in their souls by recreating artworks while stuck at home and posting them on social media. The Facebook group where the works are posted has become a huge hit. The ...

    Making art using things around the house.


    Draw circles with squirty glue. Before it dries take a pencil and start from the inside of the circle and make quick hard lines right through it. It should be like the rays of the sun. Or use the squirty paint to add depth to the deges of your subject and when it dries, it will draw attention to your main subject and make it a focal point.


    Crumple printed papers of any kind, smooth them out, rub an inkpad over the top catching all the ridges. Or you can smoothit back out and color in the crumples areas with different colors: Fold Along Dotted Line • V&A Blog The smARTteacher Resource: Crumpled Paper Art If you don't have an inkpad put paint on a piece of flat cardboard and pass it lightly over the top. Find another kind of paper but smaller, repeat the process and tear off the edges. Glue this to the middle of the first one. Find another paper that is even smaller, repeat the process.



    Weave paper trash together. See the source image

    Cut up envelops, newspaper, magazine covers, plastic bags etc into strips. Tape the tops of 5 strips at the top of a paper. Leave a bit of space between them and make sure that they are hanging down. Use the classic "over one strip, under the next strip, over the next, under the next etc. for the first row. Reverse the order for the next row--under, over-- until the page is full. Pull any hanging edges to the back and tape them. Or put a drop of glue under the ends of each row.


    Here are some fun youtubes:

    Art Club for Kids Hub : shows you step by step how to create some terrific cartoon animals, people, etc. 

    Beautiful “Miracle Gardens” in Dubai: See the source image

  • Things to Do if You're Bored Part 2

    Virtual Field Trips

    for Elementary School Students

    To take a tour of these cool places please put your mouse over the title and press Ctrl+click

    San Diego Zoo: With this interactive website, you can take your kids to the San Diego Zoo no matter where you live! Students can learn exciting animal facts, explore exhibits in real time, and play fun games and activities.

    Virtual Tour of the Great Wall of China: Your school might not quite have the budget for a trip to the Great Wall of China, but that doesn’t mean your students can’t see it for themselves. This panoramic tour allows you to walk through one of the oldest and most historically significant wonders of the world.

    Monterey Bay Aquarium: This virtual tour allows students to go on a deep-sea adventure through exhibit webcams that allow students to watch sea creatures in real time. Once you’ve studied the animals up close, the Monterey Bay Aquarium also provides this classroom resource page with activities, fact sheets, and games to play with your students.

    Virtual Farm Tours: Learn more about the wonders of agriculture with your students through this panoramic tour of farms in Ontario. Your students can learn how dairy products are made, see farmers harvest fruit or eggs, and even explore specialty farms like an emu or deer ranch.

    Discovery Education Field Trips: Discovery Education offers a variety of free, interactive tours designed for elementary school students. From a behind-the-scenes look at the Library of Congress to a climbing expedition of Mt. Kilimanjaro, you can find plenty of tours to tie-in with your school curriculum.

    “The Secrets of Easter Island” Tour: What were the people who made the moai head megaliths like, why did they create them, and where did this lost civilization go? Uncover the answer to these and many more exciting questions through the virtual tour of Easter Island.

    Yellowstone National Park Virtual Field Trip: Yellowstone is one of the most popular and breathtaking national parks in the United States. With this virtual tour, you and your students can view landmarks like Old Faithful, the Mammoth Hot Springs, and the Fountain Paint Pot.

  • Second ImageArt fun

    See the source image More

    To see amazing 3D Printer Art by Benjamin Dillenburger and Michael Hansmeyer please click on the link above.

    These two artists have developed a program that combines fabulous architectural details from many buildings and turns them into fascinating 3D printer art. What do you think the artists wanted you to think about and feel when you see this art? What would it be like to live in a house where the walls looked like this?

    They call this series “Digital Grotesque.” Why do you think that they chose this as the name of this exhibit? What would you name it?

    Have you ever had an idea that was so powerful that you would spend two years working on it? Think about the process from beginning to end. They took a  brilliant idea, developed a computer program to produce to produceit, found architechture that they wanted to use, and spent the time and money to do it. That is commitment.

    Do you recognize any parts that might have come from a church? Do the details remind you of organic sources likepeople, plants--or bones? Why would the artists find a connection between the structure of a body and the structure of a building?

    Look at how the next artwork combines shadows, faces and light. The artwork that was created to hang from the ceiling throws strange, looming shadows over the faces on the wall. What was the artists’ original idea? How did they grow the seed of this idea into what became these magnificent artworks? 

    If you had to pick one art idea to work on for two years what would it be?

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