• We miss seeing each of you and hope you are all doing well! Miss Kendra and I will be sharing things for you to do at home to practice your speech and language goals. Each of you knows what sound or goal you are working on and can always practice on your own. Check back often for some ideas to help you.  Find your sound and click on the files to open an activity. You may do the activity more than once as repetition and practice is very important.  Remember to say your sound correctly and use it all the time! Have fun!


    Click this link and Please fill out the survey each day that you work with your child. It will be their attendance



    Congratulations to Harrison and Brinkley as winners of my contest for most activities completed on the website.

    I am proud of everyone's hard work. Keep it up as we finish out the school year.

    New activities and BOOM cards have been uploaded so take a look. 

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