• Due to starting in the middle of the week 4/1-4/3, there will be two due dates on assignments.  Some are due Wednesday 4/8 and the others are due on 4/10.  I wanted to give you at least 5 days to complete the assignments.  Starting on 4/13, the due dates for most assignments will be on Sunday of each week.  I-Ready lessons are due each Friday.


    I-Ready minutes start over weekly each Monday.  Students will spend a total of 90 minutes per week on i-Ready.  Students should complete 45 minutes in Reading i-Ready and 45 minutes in Math i-Ready per week.  Remember to read daily for 20 minutes on MyOn and take the comprehension test when you finish a book.  


    I have added the Phonics website called Lalilo.  Try to complete 3 lessons per week.  Each lesson takes about 10 minutes to complete. 

    1. Click on the following link:  www.lalilo.com

    2. Click Log In

    3. Select "I am a Student"

    4. Type in Class Code: ZVVKTW

    5. Click on Mrs. Daughtery's Class

    6. Click on your name

    7. Follow the directions. If you have not done the pre-test, please do that first.


    Top Score Writing lessons can be accessed at the link below. Students do not have to sign up on this site, so no username or password is needed.  The lesson tutorials will help students get ready for the third grade writing program.  The instruction given is extremely helpful in writing paragraphs that will help your child earn earn higher writing scores.  If you have any problems with course assignments, let me know.  I am here to help.  Happy learning!