Welcome to the Discipline Office!


    Sparr Elementary takes pride in being a school that focuses on character education as well as academics. We focus on the positive behavior rather than the negative. The positive actions of students are rewarded and as a result we have a school that often serves as a model for others to follow.


    In keeping with our current philosophy of Sparr’s “Big 3”:  “Do what’s right.”  “Do your best.” “Treat others the way you want to be treated”, we will continue to implement the PBS system at our school.  PBS stands for Positive Behavior Support.  We will be using our current School-Wide Expectations along with a system that encourages positive behavior and provides incentives to students for making the right choices.


    When implementing a PBS program, schools focus on the positive actions of students on a daily basis.     We will be using “Sparrbucks” to reward students for following the “Big 3” on campus.  Sparrbucks can be distributed by any faculty or staff member at any time of the day to any student who is behaving in a positive manner.  The Sparrbucks can then be redeemed for prizes and incentives.  Students will be allowed to “cash in” Sparrbucks on a bi-weekly basis. 


    At Sparr, we believe that this is an excellent way to promote the importance of cooperation, respect, safety, and academic excellence.  There is no question that Sparr Elementary School will continue to be a school where students can excel in this type of learning environment.


    From time to time it becomes necessary to discipline children for misbehavior. All teachers are responsible for putting in place a classroom management procedure that will enhance the opportunity for learning to take place for all students.


    The following interventions will be used to correct student behavior:

    1. Verbal correction
    2. Private conference with student
    3. Change seat
    4. Behavior contract
    5. Parent contact
    6. Refer to guidance
    7. Time out
    8. Conference with administrator

    NOTE: Teachers are not limited to nor required to use all steps before writing a discipline referral.


    A student’s failure to respond to the attempts by the teacher and parents to change or correct misconduct will result in a discipline referral being written and the student sent to the discipline office. Sparr Elementary will follow the Marion County Code of Student Conduct for Elementary Schools when a child is sent to the office for disciplinary reasons.


    We believe the following guidelines will help:

    1. Raise your hand if you need something.
    2. Talk softly to others at your table.
    3. Absolutely no talking when the lights are off.
    4. Follow dismissal direction.
    5. Always obey the lunchroom assistants.
    6. For health reasons, food may not be shared.
    7. Students who bring lunch from home are encouraged to bring a nutritious and filling meal. Our cafeteria does not provide candy or carbonated drinks for students and parents are asked not to include these items in their child’s lunchbox.
    8. Please pay for lunches, extra milk, or juice in the morning before classes begin. No money is accepted in the lunch line.


    1. Fighting
    2. Blatant disrespect
    3. Drugs, weapons, alcohol
    4. Willful disobedience/defiance