Discipline Office

  • Dear Parents,

    You may contact the Student Services Manager (Dean) by phone or email:

    Catherine Gentilman
    Student Services Manager
    352-671-6070 ext. 52925


    Reddick-Collier Elementary takes pride in being a school that focuses on character education as well as academics. We want all of our students to have a successful school experience here at RCE.

    From time to time it becomes necessary to discipline children for misbehavior. All teachers are responsible for putting in place a classroom management procedure that will enhance the opportunity for learning to take place for all students. Throughout our school,we focus on our new learner attributes:

    WE ARE...

    • Responsible
    • Reflective
    • Innovative
    • Confident
    • Engaged


    We have the following guidelines in our lunchroom:

    1. Raise your hand if you need something.
    2. Talk softly to others at your table.
    3. Absolutely no talking when the lights are off.
    4. Follow dismissal directions.
    5. Always obey the lunchroom assistants.
    6. For health reasons, food may not be shared.
    7. Students who bring lunch from home are encouraged to bring a nutritious and filling meal. Our cafeteria does not provide candy or carbonated drinks for students and parents are asked not to include these items in their child’s lunchbox.


    A student’s failure to respond to the attempts by the teacher and parents to change or correct misconduct will result in a discipline referral being written and the student sent to the Student Services Manger’s office. Reddick-Collier Elementary will follow the Marion County Code of Student Conduct for Elementary Schools when a child is sent to the office for disciplinary reasons.