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    RCE Students Vision, Mission, and Core Values

    MISSION:  Our mission is to cultivate a safe learning environment that promotes responsibility, reflectiveness, engagement, confidence, and innovative thinking in our learners. 

    VISION:  Reddick-Collier Elementary will educate and meet the needs of all students so they will reach their full academic and personal potential and be prepared to be productive members in a global society. 


    School History and Profile

    In the 1980's, Reddick Elementary School and Collier Elementary School combined to form Reddick-Collier Elementary School. In August 1992, Reddick-Collier Elementary School opened as brand new campus at our present location. 

    Reddick-Collier Elementary School believes that all of our students are capable of achieving at high levels in all areas of the curriculum if given the appropriate instruction. Our primary focus is to increase student performance, specifically in reading, math, and science as reflected in our School Improvement Plan. Other state goals are addressed as well with the belief that strength in these areas will impact the focus and success of increasing student performance.

    Research-based programs and strategies are implemented school-wide with the intent of closing the achievement gaps of all students. Reddick-Collier faculty and staff are dedicated to meeting students' reading needs and helping them to improve their performance level during an uninterrupted, 90-minute literacy block. Additionally, grade levels collaborate and provide instruction using the district adopted math program. Student mastery in reading and math at Reddick-Collier is assessed weekly. Teacher's progress monitor student performance and analyze data to support instruction.

    A primary academic goal is for students to be proficient in ELA, Mathematics, and Science. Grade-level teachers work collaboratively with each other and the leadership team to determine specific strategies to meet these goals.

    Reddick-Collier Elementary is a 1:1 device school, meaning that each student has their own Chromebook. We also have a computer lab for student use.

    Reddick-Collier Elementary recognizes the critical contribution made by its parents and will work with them to ensure student success. These objectives are a result of a needs assessment, as determined by staff, parent, student surveys, and state assessment scores.

    School Colors and Mascot

    • Reddick-Collier Elementary's school colors are maroon and silver. Our mascot is a Mustang.
    • Our motto is "Make it Happen!".

    Location of Reddick-Collier Elementary

    • 4595 West Hwy 316, Reddick, Florida 32686, USA