Guidance and Counseling Office



    Ms. Prestipino- Guidance Counselor

      Mrs. Familia- Guidance Clerk

      Mrs. Rodriguez - IPC


    Welcome to the Guidance Office!


    My mission as your child's counselor is to assist you and his/her teachers in facilitating Ocala Springs Elementary's mission statement and goals for each and every student.

     Counselor's Goals

    • Help children understand themselves and others;
    • Help to identify children with special needs;
    • Provide crisis intervention;
    • Develop plans to prevent academic/behavioral problems from developing;
    • Provide Character Education program;
    • Coordinate the efforts of other professionals working for children;
    • Provide orientation for children coming to Ocala Springs Elementary for the first time;
    • Promote positive attitudes toward persons of diverse cultural, racial, ability, and socioeconomic backgrounds.


    Services Offered 

    •  Consulting with teachers, parents administrators, and other professionals about resources, programs, individual and/or group counseling;
    •  Listening to students to help them to resolve conflicts;
    •  Helping parents understand how to help their children achieve their fullest academic, social and personal potential;
    •  Referring students to other school professionals such as the school psychologist and social worker;
    •  Explaining academic test results to help parents and teachers to use the information appropriately;
    •  Teaching students about themselves, their feelings, growing up, the consequences of choices they make and encouraging more positive life   management skills;
    •  Coordinating the referral process for children who may need placement in a special program offered by the school.


    Working with students

    •  Individually, when referred by a parent, teacher, or when a child self-refers themselves to discuss problems and how to attempt to solve them,
    •  In small groups, when children share a similar problem or need work in a socialization skill,
    •  In whole classes to help children understand others,
    •  Improve communication skills and learn to cooperate and solve problems together


    Working with parents

    •  Attending parent/teacher conferences to share and exchange information and helpful strategies
    •  Offering individual consultation to help parents understand ways they can help their child both at home and school



    As parents it is your responsibility to assure your child/children have regular, timely attendance. However, if a child is not in his/her classroom at the second bell, he/she must check in at the Front Office before reporting to class. Also, if children are chronically absent, tardy, or picked up early, notices may be sent from the Guidance Office in accordance with Marion County School System policies and FL statutes.  Please call the Front Office if your child is absent.  Upon your child's return to school, send a hand-written note as to the reason for the absence.  If your child was seen by a doctor, please send the doctor's note.


    Official Records

    Your child's cumulative records are housed in the Guidance Office. If you need to review anything in the folder, please call ahead and make an appointment for someone to go over the contents with you. If you need a copy of any document in your child's folder, we can provide it for you.  If you request more than two copies, a charge will be assessed at 5 cents per copy.  Again, please call ahead and we will try and have it ready for you or will send it home via your child. If you are transferring out of Ocala Springs Elementary, we will make sure all necessary documents are forwarded to your child's new school.



    To enter Kindergarten, children must be 5 years old on or before September 1st. To enter first grade, children must be 6 years old on or before September 1st and show proof of having, successfully, completed Kindergarten.

    To register your child in school, the following documentation is needed:

    1. Verification of age (one of the following):
      A. Certified Birth Certificate (required for Pre-K & Kindergarten) – NO photocopies.
      B. Insurance policy
      C. Passport
      D. School record
      E. Certificate of baptism, accompanied by parent’s affidavit
      F. Authentic Bible record, accompanied by parent’s affidavit
    2. Proof of residence (one of the following SETS of documents; find affidavit or reverse side of checklist):
      A. Copy of mortgage or lease/rental contract AND a copy of a recent (two months or less) electric bill in parent’s/guardian’s name
      B. Copy of a recent (two month or less) electric bill in parent’s/guardian’s name AND affidavit from landlord verifying residency
      C. Affidavit from head of household AND mortgage or lease/rental contract in the name of head of household AND a copy of a recent (two month or less) electric bill in name of head of household
    3. Proof of Immunizations:
      A. MUST be on Florida Immunization Blue Card (Form 680)
      B. All out-of-state MUST be transferred to Form 680
    4. Proof of Physical Examination:
      A. MUST be within 12 months of 1st day of school enrollment
      B. MUST be signed AND dated by a physician
    5. Photocopy of student’s Social Security Card
    6. Academic History (provide any or all of the following):
      A. Last (most recent) report card
      B. Transcript
      C. Withdrawal form
      D. Special education information
    7. Legal Documentation:
      If you are not the legal guardian or residential custodial parent of a student OR there is a court decision regarding release of information related to custody/restraining orders, etc., state law REQUIRES that ONE of the following documents be provided for enrollment:
      A. Court Custody Documentation stating specifications
      B. Department of Children and Families Placement Letter
      C. Educational Guardianship – notarized documents verifying parent/legal guardian of student is incarcerated


    Family Access through Skyward

    Please make sure you have received your log in for Family Access in Skyward. You must come to the school with a government issued photo ID to request your log-in information. Family Access allows you to view attendance and grades for your child. No student information will ever be provided over the phone.