• The Drill Team commander is appointed by the Battalion Commander, and approved by the Senior Army Instructor (SAI) or the Army Instructor (AI). The Drill Team commander will be permitted to appoint or two assistants approved by the SAI and AI. Team members will be issued a scarlet beret and aiguillette following their first drill competition. This gear may be worn on uniform days. To be awarded the Drill Team ribbon (N-3-4) and an arch, a cadet must have attended practices and participated in at least one performance during the semester. Exceptions will be approved by the SAI/AI.


    We have many Different Drill teams that compete. Our Unarmed Platoon and Armed Platoon are our largest Drill Teams. Our Color Guard is our most Ceremonial of all of our drill teams. Our Exhibition teams are our most skilled cadets at Spinning rifles in unison or individual.



    Drill Team Commander:
    C/CPT Lucas Dauderis

    Male Mixed Armed Squad:
    C/1SG Tyler Pierson

    Female Unarmed Squad:
    C/CPT Korin Guffie

    Male Mixed Unarmed Platoon:
    C/CPT Elena Lee