Battalion Staff


     C/CPT Samantha Burdick

    Adjutant (Battalion S1) C/CPT Samantha  Burdick


    The Battalion Adjutant (Bn S-1) is primarily responsible for performing administrative duties as directed from the Battalion Commander, XO, SAI, and AI. Some of the S-1’s other job duties include maintaining documental records of each cadet’s personal profile. This profile includes the cadet’s personal information, rank, ribbons received, awards, training and learning portfolio. 




     C/CPT Korin Guffie

     C/CPT Korin Guffie   


    The Battalion Security Officer (Bn S-2) assists in maintaining and documenting the well being of all Battalion equipment. The S-2 is mainly responsible for the conditioning of the Springfield M1-1903's and M1-1903-A3's,computers, printers, copiers, binoculars, and all public affairs materials such as cameras and video equipment. The S-2 also assists in matters pertaining to unit security and enforces the provisions of the security requirements for the battalion.





     C/MAJ Lucas Dauderis

     C/MAJ Lucas Dauderis  


    The Battalion Plans, Training and Operations Officer (Bn S-3) assists the Battalion Commander in preparing, conducting, and supervising all JROTC activities, including academics and training within the Hurricane Battalion. The S-3’s other responsibilities include maintaining yearly and weekly training schedules of all JROTC classes, uniform inspections, and extra-curricular activities.





    C/CPT Angel Burdick

    Supply (Battalion S4) C/CPT Angela Burdick  


    The Battalion Supply Officer (Bn S-4) is responsible for the maintenance, security, record keeping, issue, and turn-in of all U.S. Army and Government Property used as part of the LWHS U.S. Army JROTC Program. The S-4 is held accountable for all JROTC uniform issues including the issuing of Class A’s, Class B’s and Class C uniforms. Assisted by the Bn S-2, the Bn S-4 ensures the safe-keeping of all the JROTC uniforms, academic, and extra-curricular equipment.





     C/CPT Victor Owens

     Public Affairs Officer (Battalion S5) C/CPT Victor Owens


    The Battalion Public Affairs Officer (PAO) (Bn S-5) is responsible for the Corps of Cadets’ information shared within LWHS and with out surrounding community. The S-5 maintains video or picture records of all JROTC classes, academics, school, and extra-curricular activities. Some of the S-5’s other responsibilities include publishing a monthly JROTC newsletter, developing a monthly JROTC Internet web site, and coordinating audio publicity and video coverage for every JROTC event.