Battalion Command


    C/LTC Kacy Sutherby

    Battalion Commander C/LTC Kacy Sutherby   


    The Battalion Commander (Bn Cdr) is responsible for everything the battalion does, or fails to do. Some of the Bn Cdr’s responsibilities include; commanding the battalion at all formations, following specific orders as directed from the Senior Army Instructor (SAI) and/or Army Instructor (AI), ensuring all orders or actions are in compliance with JROTC regulations, policies, and in accordance with all school policies. Through the Battalion Executive Officer, and the Command Sergeant Major, the Bn Cdr monitors and regulates the progress of all Command and Staff personnel.




    C/MAJ Tara Meeks

    Battalion Executive Officer C/Maj Tara Meeks


    The Executive Officer (XO) is responsible for everything the staff does, or fails to do. Some of the XO’s responsibilities include organizing and inspecting the battalion staff, monitoring their progress on all staff actions, acting as the commander of troops during ceremonies, and performing duties as directed from the Battalion Commander. The Executive Officer also assumes command of the battalion is the absence of the Battalion Commander.




    C/CSM Matthew Duncan

    C/CSM Matthew Duncan


    The Battalion Command Sergeant Major (CSM) is responsible for assisting subordinate Non-commissioned Officers (NCO’s), the Battalion XO, and the adjutant with administrative details, assisting the Bn Cdr in all matters regarding enlisted members of the cadet battalion, and supervising all color guard and flag details. Additional responsibilities include ensuring all enlisted cadets are properly trained. In the event of an absent of an officer, the CSM assumes command of the battalion.