Spanish Club

  • Sponsor: Ms. Wendy Furphy


    Purpose: We hope to give students a chance to practice their Spanish, to learn about hispanic cultures, to experience hispanic cuisines, explore other countries and to promote cultural diversity.


    Requirements: (a)Have a 2.0 GPA & currently in a Spanish Class at VHS (b)Must complete and return 1)Student Participation & Parental approval form (c)Paid all dues and monies owed to the VHSSP and to Vanguard High School (d)Must maintain an active membership in the club (80% of meetings) (e)Must help with club sponsored activities (f)is currently in a Spanish class at Vanguard


    Grade Levels: All Grades (9-12)


    Dues: $20 *includes club t-shirt **cultural dinners not included (scholarships available for dues see Ms. Furphy.)


    Major Activities: We are planning to have 4 cultural dinners, a community service project, other cultural activities and possibly Merlins Magic. We are choosing the activities on an ongoing basis. Check the calendar for upcoming events. Some of our past activities include: cultural dinners, Merlin's Magic, a community service project, and other cultural events


    Fundraisers: Raise money for community service project (tentative).