Pink Ladies & T-Birds Service Club

  • Sponsor: Mrs. Debra Lipphardt


    Purpose: To provide service to the community and school, give all girl's originally and now guys an equal chance to participate in the club, meet new friends, and also a way to provide lessons in citizenship, friendship, patriotism, and honesty. We are one of the largest service clubs at Vanguard High School.


    Requirements: Minimum 2.0 GPA, bi-monthly meetings, and 2 hours of community service a month(with the opportunity to get many more hours if desired). You must also sell the required amount of carwash tickets (5-10) per year. Club will be capped at 200 members this year


    Grade Levels: All Grades (9-12)


    Dues: $15.00 per year and jersey/hoody if desired.


    Major Activities: Warm-Up Ocala Campaign for the Homeless & Needy, Christmas Eve Day visit to the hospital with Santa, foster kids presents, presents for Spouse Rape Abuse Center, various elementary school carnivals & events, send supplies to our soldiers in Iraq, assist teachers at VHS, & fundraisers for charities & scholarships. Fun days: Merlin's Magic, Christmas banquet, Spring carnival, Mr./Miss VHS pageant,  and end of year banquet/talent show


    Fundraisers: Car washes & more car washes (2 yearly). Used for Donations to (but not limited to): March of Dimes, United Way, Hurricane victims (Irma, Haiti, etc), homeless & needy, soldiers overseas, adopt foster kids, school improvement, gifts for faculty and staff and awards, various community service projects, scholarships for members, and food for banquets. We also sell Yankee Candles so members may use profits towards thier t-shirts.