Pink Ladies & T-Birds Service Club

  • Sponsor: Mrs. Debra Lipphardt


    Purpose: To provide service to the community and school, give all students an equal chance to participate in the club, meet new friends, and also a way to provide lessons in citizenship, friendship, patriotism, and honesty. We are one of the largest service clubs at Vanguard High School.


    Requirements: Minimum 2.0 GPA, bi-monthly meetings, and 2 hours of community service a month (with the opportunity to get many more hours if desired). You must also sell the required amount of carwash tickets (5-10) per year. Club will be capped at 200 members this year


    Grade Levels: All Grades (9-12)


    Dues: $15.00 per year (t-shirt included) 


    Major Activities: Warm-Up Ocala Campaign for the Homeless & Needy, Christmas Eve Day visit to the hospital with Santa, foster kids presents, presents for Spouse Rape Abuse Center, various elementary school carnivals & events, send supplies to our soldiers in Iraq, assist teachers at VHS, & fundraisers for charities & scholarships. Fun days: Merlin's Magic, Christmas banquet, Spring carnival, Mr./Miss VHS pageant, and end of year banquet/talent show


    Fundraisers: Car washes & more car washes (2 yearly). Used for Donations to (but not limited to): March of Dimes, United Way, Hurricane victims (Irma, Harvey, Haiti, etc), homeless & needy, soldiers overseas, adopt foster kids, school improvement, gifts for faculty and staff and awards, various community service projects, scholarships for members, and food for banquets.