Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

  • Sponsor: Lieutenant Commander Davis


    Purpose: Learn about ships, aircraft, and many other organizational and scientific considerations that enable the U.S. Navy to successfully operate around the world. Included in the mix of school day activities are Physical Fitness Training that is focused on self- improvement of your fitness in a supportive and constructive environment, drill (marching) routines that improve follower skills and develop leadership skills, learning to wear (dress for success) and respect the uniform, and develop the confi


    Requirements: You have to participate and make an honest effort. You must be respectful. Male cadets must maintain a regulation hair cut. Female cadets must wear their hair above the collar while in uniform. You must wear the uniform once a week. Missing 3 uniforms in 9 weeks will result in failure of that 9 weeks. You must dress out and PT in order to receive PE credit through JROTC.


    Grade Levels: All Grades (9-12)


    Dues: None for school day activities. There will be some cost for some of the extracurricular activities.


    Major Activities: JROTC Field Meet Competitions that include a Personnel Inspection, Academic Exam, Color Guard, Unarmed and Armed Drill Routines, push-ups, curl-ups, 100 and 200 yard relays


    Fundraisers: Your help would be greatly appreciated.