National Honor Society

  • Sponsor: Mrs. Debra Lipphardt


    Purpose: To uphold the 4 Pillars: Academics, Character, Citizenship, and Scholarship. 


    Requirements: Attending monthly meetings and having 2 hours per month as designated by NHS. 


    Grade Levels: 11th and 12th grades


    Dues: $ 30.00 (juniors - includes dues and club t-shirt) $ 40.00 (seniors - includes dues, club t-shirt, and graduation cord)


    Major Activities: Positivity wall, assisting homeless, no exclusion project, and various other. Adopt foster kids, Jeans for Teens, Socks for Vets, M.O.M.'s Park clean up, Masks for COVID, and various other activities. 


    Fundraisers: Candy Sales