• Sponsor: Mrs. Jamie Ayers


    Purpose: Meetings: Third Wed. of each month. Introduce students to leadership skills, community responsibility, environmental concerns, and to provide an overview of medical field careers and services. Upper levels include medical facility clinical rotations and will learn the skills required of a Certified Medical Administration Assisting. Clinical rotations for shadowing Program at MRMC. CMAA State Certification for all AHA3 Students.


    Requirements: Be in/were in/or will be in Medical Skills & Services, Health Science I, II, Allied Health Assisting III. Mandatory joining for Health Science II, Allied Health Assisting III and Directed Studies and interested in being in a medical career.


    Grade Levels: All Grades (9-12)


    Dues: MSI HSI & HSII: State & Nat. $ 48 (optional); school HOSA Reg. Level $ 10 Lab Fees Include: MSI $ 10, HSI $ 10, and HSII $ 20. Allied Health Asst.: $ 80 HOSA fee plus $ 40 lab fee for total of $ 120.


    Major Activities: School-wide blood drives (2 yrly), American Heart Association, March of Dimes, nursing home visits, Hospital Visits, Tours of local medical facilities, Boys & Girls Clubs, Day of Caring, Pride Day, glasses for the Lions Club, host a needy family, volunteer to help at medical facilities, speakers, Marion Road Builder Toast, We Care Weekend, Relay for Life, Socials during the year and End of Year Trip to Florida Attraction. Internship at Marion County Health Department, Teacher Appreciation, etc.


    Fundraisers: Healthy food snacks, off campus Donut sale, popcorn sales, jewelry sales, candles, Holiday Paper, T-Shirt/Sweatshirt sales, Sponsorship Program, Spaghetti Dinner during Open House, promotional items, car wash and any new sale approved by the club.