• Sponsor: Mrs. Jamie Ayers


    Purpose: Introduce students to leadership skills, community responsibility, environmental concerns, and to provide an overview of the medical field careers and services. Students have various opportunities to earn community service hours when they participate in these activities. 


    Requirements: Be in/were in/or will be in Medical Skills & Services, Health Science I, II, Allied Health Assisting III. Mandatory joining for Health Science II, Allied Health Assisting III and Directed Studies and int anderested in being in a medical career.


    Grade Levels: All Grades (9-12)


    Dues: $ 10.00 for all students joining at the school level.

    Competition Dues: $ 28.00 (January 2019 - Regional HOSA Competition)  


    Major Activities: Nursing home visits, Hospital Visits, tours of local medical facilities, glasses for the Lions Club, host a needed family for Thanksgiving and Christmas, volunteer to help at medical facilities, guest speakers, socials, Internship at Marion County Health Department, and teacher appreciation, etc. 


    Fundraisers: Healthy food snacks, t-shirt/sweatshirt sales, sponsorship programs, SkyZone Family Night and Breast Cancer Awareness Event.