Security Awareness

  • Cyber Security & Fraud Awareness Course


    The course consists of a series of brief videos followed by a short quiz.  It will take approximately 40 minutes to complete the entire course.  The online course will be completed inside True North Logic (TNL).  All employees will be required to complete an annual Cyber Security course.


    The goal of the technology security awareness program is to educate all employees on many of today's key security issues, including information protection, password security, email security, mobile security, and more.  This program is designed to raise awareness of the reality of technology threats, vulnerabilities and consequences, and help employees take an active role in securing district and personal information. 


    This program will help employees understand the security expectations of the school system and what each individual can do to product not only their own data but that of the district as well.  The topics covered apply at home and at work. Topics covered include:  1. You are the Target  2. Social Engineering  3. Email & Messaging  4. Browsing  5. Social Networking  6. Mobile Device Security  7. Passwords  8. Data Security  9. Hacked.