• Our purpose is to provide co-curricular organizations and activities to permit all interested students an opportunity to participate. Every effort is made to avoid membership requirements that would prevent this participation.


    Student Membership Requirements

    In accordance with Marion County School Board and established school policies, certain requirements must be met by the individuals involved in activity programs.


    These are as follows:


    1. All students involved in activities must have at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA and meet the club's requirements. Students may not have a fine on the "debt list".
    2. Students involved in any activities, whether on or off campus, are governed by the Marion County Code of Student Conduct.
    3. Students must complete a student participation and Parental Approval Form prior to joining any club.


    Students are encouraged to join and participate in clubs and organizations. Membership requirements are contained in each club's constitutions and by-laws; there are general requirements regarding eligibility for membership in any club or organization.


    safetyPatrol.jpg School Safety Patrol

    The Safety Patrol helps keep students safe before and after school and is overseen by the dean, Mr. Fronius and Mrs. Holt.


    Our safety patrol members are selected for their leadership, courtesy, dependability, interest in their job, attitude toward others, and scholastic standing. Members shoulder responsibilities that will strength character and provide an opportunity to help fellow students remain safe at school.


    Writer's Club

    The Writer’s Club is a motivational program designed to promote creative and outstanding writing in our students. Once a month, each teacher submits a piece of writing from one student in his/her classroom. Each student that has a piece of work submitted, receives a note from __________ and a Writer’s Club pencil. The winner for each grade level receives a t-shirt to wear, proudly displaying that he/she is a member of the “Greenway Writer’s Club."