Classroom Channel Lineup

  • Channel 9/Digital Channel 36-1 - Marion Education Channel (MCPS)

    The Marion Education Channel is the education channel in Marion County.  Chartered by the City of Ocala and operated and programmed by Marion County Public Schools, you can visit The Marion Education Channel for a complete programming guide.


    Channel 10/Digital Channel 36-2 - The FYI Network

    The network features lifestyle programming with a mix of reality, culinary, home renovation and makeover series.


    Channel 11/Digital Channel 36-3 - Animal Planet
    Animal Planet is an American basic cable and satellite television channel originally focused on more educationally-based television shows.  The network recently features more reality programming. It is available throughout the US as well as over 70 countries around the world. Country-specific versions of the channel have been created in Canada, India, Japan, Taiwan, and elsewhere. 


    Channel 12/Digital Channel 36-4 -  The Weather Channel (TWC)

    The Weather Channel offers local, regional, national weather and meteorology specials.


    Channel 13/Digital Channel 38-1 -  Cable News Network (CNN)

    Cable News Network (CNN) offers news and public-affairs programming.


    Channel 14/Digital Channel 38-2 - Headline News

    Headline News offers news summaries and quick-style presentations 24/7.  


    Channel 15/Digital Channel 38-3 - The Travel Channel

    This channel features documentaries, reality, and how-to shows related to travel and leisure around the United States and throughout the world. Programming includes shows on African animal safaris, tours of grand hotels and resorts, visits to significant cities and towns across the world, programming about various foods across the world, and programming about ghosts and paranormal in notable buildings.


    Channel 16/Digital Channel 38-4 - PBS (WUFT Gainesville)

    Public Broadcasting Service - instructional, cultural, documentary and news programming. For a detailed program schedule visit PBS WUFT listings on the web.


    Channel 17/Digital Channel 40-1 - The History Channel

    The History Channel -- features historic documentaries, movies, and mini-series.


    Channel 18/Digital Channel 40-2 - National Geographic

    For over 113 years, National Geographic has been telling stories that inspire our imaginations. This great legacy continues with the new National Geographic Channel. Experience the continuing story of life on earth, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


    Channel 19/Digital Channel 40-3 -  The Discovery Channel (TDC)
    The Discovery Channel - Nature, science, technology, history and documentary programming.


    Channel 20/Digital Channel 40-3 - The Science Channel 

    The channel features programming focusing on the fields of wilderness survival, ufology, factory lines, construction, technology, space, prehistory and animal science.