IB Honor Code

  • Each student that enters the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at Vanguard High School is asked to uphold high standards of academic honesty and integrity. Students sign the honor code below and are held to its standards.




    As a student of the Vanguard Pre-IB and/or IB Diploma Programme, you are expected to maintain the highest standards of academic integrity. Students who are mature enough to choose a difficult and valuable program must also be mature enough to accept the grade they have earned.


    The members of the IB faculty are opposed to cheating for several reasons:

    • Cheating is morally wrong.
    • Cheating breaks the trust in the student - teacher and student - student relationship.
    • Cheating misrepresents a student’s mastery of the subject to parents, employers, and colleges, it also distorts the teacher’s perception of curriculum effectiveness and class progress. 
    • Cheating allows a student to receive the same or better grade than students who have put in the time and effort to master the material. Dishonestly inflated grades ultimately and unfairly raise the cheater’s grade point and class rank, simultaneously lowering the rank of the students who do the work. 


    So that the expectations of the IB faculty are clear, we have complied a list of behaviors we unanimously agree are forms of cheating.

    1. Receiving any help from notes or other students during a test or quiz. 
    2. Plagiarizing another’s words or ideas (including data downloaded from the Internet) in a report or research paper, or the Extended Essay.
    3. Sharing the content or structure of a test or quiz with another student.
    4. Conferring with other students or with adults on a take-home exam when the teacher has asked that all work be your own.
    5. Misrepresenting the submission of information (events, hours, or other data) regarding the CAS (service hours) component of the program.
    6. Copying of any independently designed assignments or homework.
    7. Receiving help with foreign language translations via the internet.
    8. Allowing another student to copy your homework or any other assignment given by the teacher.


    The Marion County Code of Student Conduct defines cheating as follows: Willful or deliberate unauthorized use of the work of another person for academic purposes, or inappropriate use of notes or other material in the completion of an academic assignment or test. In addition to corrective measures, the granting of credit for this assignment may be considered null and void.


    The International Baccalaureate’s policy statements on cheating are as follows:

    • If cheating, collusion or plagiarism is suspected in external or internally assessed components of the examination, IBCA (exam headquarters in Cardiff, Wales) must be contacted immediately.
    • Where cheating is proven, a grade of “N” is awarded and no further registration by the candidate is allowed.


    Violations of this code will be dealt with by an Honor Committee composed of three IB faculty and the IB Coordinator. Being guilty of violating the honor code can result in dismissal from the program and students must return to zoned school.


    Download The Ackowledgement Form