IB DP Attendance


    Because of the nature of the courses in the IB program, attendance in class is of critical importance to student success.


    While written work and tests can be made up, class discussions and lectures cannot. This program requires many group projects, including group orals in foreign languages, science labs and the group 4 projects, to name examples.


    What you learn from peers is extremely valuable. When students are not present the morale of the entire class and the achievement of the group are compromised. In addition, absences create extra work for teachers who are accountable for your success.


    Therefore, it is expected that students will be present in class. Please review the attendance policy in the Marion County Student Handbook. All notes, including those when a student returns after checking out of school, must be turned in to the attendance office within three days of returning to school.


    Credit for makeup work is to be given only for an excused absence. It is important that students contact peers, the teacher, a website, or the IB office to obtain assignments so they can be submitted upon return to school.


    Please plan trips, medical and dental appointments, etc. during vacations and before or after school. When attendance interferes with student achievement the situation will be considered by the Faculty Academic Committee.


    The Code of Student Conduct should be read and understood by students and parents. The expectation of our faculty, staff and students is that IB students have chosen to enroll in this magnet program because they enjoy learning and the challenge of academic achievement at high levels. Any consistent behavior which interferes with this expectation will be addressed by the Faculty Academic Committee.


    It is expected that students maintain an unweighted GPA of 2.8. Students near or below this measure will be counseled, offered support, including parent conferences, and encouraged.

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