• The District Expectations for this week (April 1-3) are:  1 ELA task, 1 Math task, and 1 Science OR Social Studies task in addition to 45 minutes each of iReady Reading and Math during the week (to be clear, it's 45 minutes for the week, not every day), and a minimum of 20 minutes reading daily either independently or with family.
    Later today, I will be posting this week's assignments on my teacher website. I will continue to send out emails with info, but you will also need to (and hopefully find it helpful) to visit my Teacher Website (District sent out info to all parents previously on how to access it...but, here it is again) - 
           To access Teacher Website:
    1.  go to marionschools.net/nhj
    2. click on "Faculty & Staff"
    3. click on "Teacher Websites"
    4. click on "Winne, Brenda"
    5. Poof!  You made it!  Look on the Teacher Homepage - here you will see things like "Newsletters, IXL, Prodigy, Smarty Ants, Readworks", etc.  You can click on each one of those items for instructions and in many cases, a live link that will take you right to it.
    I am trying to simplify things as much as possible, and my game plan as of right now is to consistently use the following for now:
    IMPORTANT LOGIN INFO: PLEASE REMEMBER your child needs to log into their Student Desktop/Portal to access pretty much everything (IXL, Smarty Ants, and Prodigy are exceptions as of right now, however I will be adding those to my Website on the Teacher Homepage, so if they go there, they can just click on the link to take them directly to it).  
    ELA:  Readworks  (access through Google Classroom or my website) (there will be other resources added later)
    Math:  Go Math (access through tile/icon on the portal NOTE:  it is called Think Central)
    Science: Studies Weekly (access tile/icon on portal - choose Science after you click on the tile.  (There will be other sites as we progress)
    Social Studies:  Studies Weekly (access through tile/icon on portal)
    ***If you do not see one of these tiles displayed on your child's portal, look on the next page, which is listed as "Home 2" on the bottom, or simply click on the magnifying glass in the upper left corner which will allow you to search.  Just type in the first letter or two of what you are looking for and you should then see the icon you are looking for.  Click on it and from then on it should appear on the "Home" or "Home 2" page of your child's portal.  If an icon isn't used for a while, they disappear.  But, now you know how to make them reappear!
    MyOn and iReady can also be accessed the same way through your child's portal! Don't forget A/R!  
    Next week (beginning April 6th) and moving forward the District Weekly Expectations will be:
     -Three (3) ELA tasks
     -Three (3) Math tasks
     -One (1) Science task
     -One (1) Social Studies task​
     -Forty-five (45) minutes of both iReady Reading and Math each week
     -Twenty (20) minutes of daily reading either independently or with family
    Students will also have tasks assigned from their Special Area Teachers.  Per the email I forwarded from Mrs. Houle on 3/30, our kids will have two special areas assigned each week.  You/they need to go to the Special Area Teachers' Websites to see what those assignments are.  If you have questions about those assignments, please email those teachers directly.  Here is a list of our specials and the teacher's name:
    MUSIC - Naoko Wicklein
    MAKERSPACE -Alison Constable
    COMPUTER - Daniel Yerdon
    SCIENCE LAB - Melissa Hitchcock
    ART - Debra McCord
    P.E. - Bradley Menadier & Elizabeth Wallace
    From Mrs. Hitchcock in the Science Lab:  NHJ Science Lab Google Classroom code: lvvzosx (note: the first letter is a lowercase L)
    From Mrs. Wallace in PE: Google Classroom Code: ny7vvwp
    From Allison Constable in MakerSpace: 7wrj6au
    Again, please refer to the specific special teachers website for information.