• During the month of October,  we will be taking a journey through multiplication and division. Our Common Core standards for this unit are:

    MACC.3.OA.1.1, MACC.3.OA.1.3, MACC.OA.4.8 and MACC.3.OA.2.5

    The math topic will be to represent  and solve multiplication and divison problems using strategies.


    Until the end of the first nine weeks in science, the students will be studying physical science with a focus on the following standards:

    SC.3.P.8.1, SC.3.P.8.2, SC.3.P.8.3, SC.3.P.9.1.

    In this learning sequence, students will gain an understanding of the properties of matter and  how to describe and compare states of matter through measurement and temperature.