• During this 1st nine weeks we are working on various skills in the classroom.

    Math - We are currently working on place value, exponents and division using partial quotients.  MAFS 5.NBT 2.5 (standard)   We are working on multiplication facts and accuracy when working on math equations.   Order of operations is another skill we are currently working on.

    ***For Extra credit in math, students can do 1hr 30mins in IXL for +5 points up on their assignments. Math is fun!


    ELA-  In language arts we are working to determine the theme of a story , drama, or poem.   We will work to learn details from text.   LAFS.5 RL1.2 (standard)

    Writing- We are currently working to find text evidence and include it in our writing.   We are learning to include the evidence but to also react to the evidence as well. 

    ***** Students need to be reading everyday after school.  I expect that my students will read a million words this year before spring break!!!   Please be sure to encourage your child to read a lot and often.  


    Science-   Students are studying energy.   We have been working on current electiricy and how to buid a closed circuit.   We are learning to build circuits and also why a circuit must be closed in order to have a flow of electricity.


    Social Studies-   We are working on geography and how to read a map.   We will be learning all the states and capitals this nine weeks.   Students will be tested at the end of the nine weeks on the states, capitals and the location of the states as well.



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