• During this first nine weeks we are working on various skills in the classroom.

    Math -We are currently working on place value and what happens when we multiply a number by 10 and also by .1.  We are reviewing multiplication with multiple digits and also long division using partial quotients and the standard algorithm.   We are working to make sure we have our multiplication facts commited to memory as this is so important for all of math.  

    ***For Extra credit in math, students can do 1hr  in IXL for +5 points up on their assignments. Math is fun!


    ELA-  We are working to find text eividence to support our ideas in reading.  We are also working to understand text evidence and how an author uses it to get a point across.  

    Standard LAFS.5.RI 3.8 Explain how an author uses reasons and evident to support points in text. 

    Writing- We are currently working to find text evidence and include it in our writing.   We are learning to include the evidence but to also react to the evidence as well.  We are learning to writemany essay types.    

    ***** Students need to be reading everyday after school.  I expect that my students will read a million words this year before spring break!!!   Please be sure to encourage your child to read a lot and often.  


    Science-   Students are studying the scientific method and how it is used by scientists of all types.   We are also working in a matter unit to learn about states of matter, chemical and physical changes and molecular motion.  

    Social Studies-   We are studying geography.   Students are studying the 50 states and capitals.   We are learning about types of maps and how they are used.  

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