• During this 4th nine weeks we are working on various skills in the classroom.

    Math - We are in the home stretch,  but there is much that we still need to work on. We are currently working on attributes of shapes, and volume.    We are also reviewing fractions, decimals and order of operations.   Students are working hard to use application with their skills.      For enrichment,  students need to study their facts, practice their skills with both fractions and decimals.    They can do this with IXL or Accelerated math.     Our common board focuses on   

    ***For Extra credit in math, students can do 1hr 30mins in IXL for +5 points up on their assignments. Math is fun!


    ELA- 5W.1.2 write informative and opinion text to examine a topic and convey ideas clearly.    We are working on text based writing as we prepare for the March 6 FSA writing portion.  We have been working hard to read, plan and write an informative or opinion essay based on text.   In the reading portion we are working on main idea and summarizing.  

    Writing- We are working on text based writing, how to elaborate and react to text and how to use grammar and sentence structure correctly.

    ***** Students need to be reading everyday after school.  I expect that my students will read a million words this year before spring break!!!


    Science-   Students are studying Earth and space.   We will be soon working on a study guide in order to test our knowledge of earth and space.  


    Social Studies-   We are working on WWII and the Holocaust.   Students find this unit of study fascinating and they learn so much about diversity and the need to stand up for what is right even when others do not.   


    ***I ask that all students read daily for 50 minutes.   This is the single most important thing they can do at home to improve every aspect of their curriculum.


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