• During this last nine weeks we are working on various skills in the classroom.

    Math -We are currently working on volume, area and attributes of shapes.  We will be doing this via IXL, Khan, and through individual meet ups with Mrs. Dunn.  Stay tuned for more information.

    ***For Extra credit in math, students can do 1hr  in IXL for +5 points up on their assignments. Math is fun!


    ELA-    We will be working on reading for information.  Currently students can use Kidbiz and the district packet.   Stay tuned for further information.***** Students need to be reading everyday after school.  I expect that my students will read a million words this year before spring break!!!   Please be sure to encourage your child to read a lot and often.  


    Science-     We are working on a review of the rock cycle, animal classification and life cycles.  Students can now use IXL for science and also STEM scopes.   Stay tuned for further updates. 

    Social Studies-   We are studying government.   Students my access Social Studies weekly online,   I have opened up all their tests so they can pick and choose social studies topics they would like to study.

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