• During this 4th nine weeks we are working on various skills in the classroom.

    Math -We are currently working on a review of many skills.   We will be working to review fractions, decimals, measurement and conversion.  We will be finding volume, area and perimeter.  During this time we will be working hard to find things that we needs to dig deeper into in order to gain a better understanding of the skill.

    ***For Extra credit in math, students can do 1hr 30mins in IXL for +5 points up on their assignments. Math is fun!


    ELA-  In language arts we are working to understand text evidence and how an author uses it to get a point across.  

    Standard LAFS.5.RI 3.8 Explain how an author uses reasons and evident to support points in text. 

    Writing- We are currently working to find text evidence and include it in our writing.   We are learning to include the evidence but to also react to the evidence as well.  We are learning to write persuasive essays.  

    ***** Students need to be reading everyday after school.  I expect that my students will read a million words this year before spring break!!!   Please be sure to encourage your child to read a lot and often.  


    Science-   Students are studying the human body currently.   We wil be moving on to interdependance and how adaptations and environments are so important to the survival of our animal and plant species. 

    Social Studies-   We are studying the American revolution, the government of the United States and how it was created.   We look for real world issues that help us to better understand why our tri lateral government is so important.  


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