• Math 

    Currently we are working on comparing numberals 0 through 10 in random order.  Students will be asked to show one to one correspondence with numbers, put numbers in order, tell which number is greater then, less then, tell if numbers are equal and write the numerals.  

    Students are expected to know number words zero to ten by end end of the first nine weeks.


    In this learning sequence, students will focus on being able to identify and retell the main topic, key details, characters and setting of an informational text, including the use of illustrations.  Students will review identifying and describing the main character.  With the use of modeling and sentence frames, students will be able to write to tell their opinion or preference of the text.  This learning sequence will include defining a verb, distinquishing between singular and plural nouns, categorizing words, and explore ways to define unknown words in a text.  It will also address syllables, isolating phonemes, and recognizing frequently used sight words (MCPS Guide).  

    We are also learning what the front cover is, back cover, title page, author and illustrator and what the author does as well as what the illustrator does.  We are working on how to care for the books and materials in our centers.  As we read stories, students are asked why there are spaces between words (so they know when one word ends and the next one begins).  He/she will also be asked what a word is, a letter and where the sentences begin and end.  

    We are also working on our color words and following directions.  Students will  be asked to read the color words at the end of the first nine weeks.

    Phonics and phonological Awareness

    CVC words including nonsense words (word families -am, -at, -ap)  


    Mm, Aa, Ss, Pp, Tt, Ii, Nn, and Cc 


    High Frequency/vocabulary - words being tested at the end of the first nine weeks

    a, like, we, can, the, see, go pink, white, blue, black, brown, yellow, green, orange, red, purple, zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten



    Students are working on making sentices, starting with upper case letters, putting spaces between words, and putting punctuation at the end of the sentence.  Students are practicing their names using an uppercase letter at the beginning and the rest lowercase letters Ex:  John Smith.  The students are also shown how to hold the pencil correctly.   


    Properties of Matter

    Social Studies



    Website information:  

    AR:  Student's username and password:  lunch number and two number birth month and four number birth year.  

    IXL.com:  Student's username and password:  lunch number for both

    Portal sign on paperwork in student's folder