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    Preparing for FSA

    FSA testing is coming up quickly.  In ELA we have been preparing by learning, reviewing, and practicing our Reading skills for 4th grade.  IXL focuses on specific skills and your child is working on many of the skills (see the list below).  We have also been working in depth with writing.  This past week it was informational essay writing. Ask your child to show you the essay they are working on with their partner in their Google Classroom.  Next we will focus on Opinion writing.  The FSA Writing is a part of their overall ELA FSA score as well as the FSA Reading test given in April.  

    Talking About Reading

    When I am asked, "How can I help my child become a better reader?"  My answer is simple: PRACTICE.  This applies to all areas of life.  You become a better musician through practice, a better athlete through practice, a better reader through practice. As part of their daily home-school connection my fourth graders read for 20 minutes per night. In addition, parents should read aloud to their children.  I'd also like to request that parents talk with their children about their reading, asking questions about characters, setting, problem/solution, and themes or lessons. It's not enough for a child's eyes to pass over the words. Reading is thinking and parents can help children develop comprehension skills.  


    April Reading Calendar
    Due to FSA prep, I 
    Daily Language
    Due to writing prep for FSA there is no Daily Language.

    Work Folders

    Please check your child’s work folder each Thursday, and sign and return the folder by Friday.


    Class Dojo

    Thank you for becoming a part of Class Dojo.  This is a wonderful "real time" communication tool.  You can check on your child's progress and behavior as well as messages from me.  If you have not yet joined (there are just a very few of you left), please let me know if you need information to become part of our class communication.



    IXL Language Arts

    A5 (sentence structure)

    B1 (nouns)

    D22 (progressive verb tense)

    F2 (adjectives that describe nouns)

    N1 (prefixes/suffixes/base words)

    W2 (compare/contrast text structure)

    W3  (cause & effect text structure)

    X3 (idioms)

    F4 (order adjectives)

    N4 (prefixes: pre, re, mis)

    N6 (suffixes: ful, less)

    M6 (punctuating dialogue)

    O2 (Greek/Latin roots)

    Y1 (Understanding Characters)

    W4 (problem/solution text structure)

    D23 ( form progressive tenses)

    N2 (word pattern analogies)

    N3 word pattern sentences)

    D4 (what does the modal verb show)

    D5 (use the correct modal verb)

    P6 (use dictionary entries)

    V1 (main idea)

    X3 (idioms in context)

    X7 (identify similes and metaphors)

    Y4 (identify the narrative POV)

    C9 (identify relative pronouns)

    F7 (use relative adverbs)

    J1 (commas in a series)

    Q1 (choose the synonym)

    Q4 (choose the antonym)

    C10 (use relative pronouns who and whom)

    C11 (use relative pronouns who, whom, whose, which, that)

    U3 (identify supporting details in informational text)

    V5 (compare information from two texts)

    W1 (order of events in informational text) 

    N2 (word pattern analogies)

    N3 (word pattern sentences)

    D23 (form progressive tenses)

    X9 (determine meanings of similes and metaphors)

    J1 (commas in a series)

    Q1 (choose the synonym)

    Q4 (choose the antonym)

    V1 (main idea)

    X3 (idioms in context)

    Z1 (make predictions about a story)

    Y3 (compare & contrast characters)

    V2 (distinguish fact from fiction)

    R1 (find words using context)

    G1 (identify prepositions)

    G3 (identify prepositional phrases)

    K1 (capitalize names of people and titles of respect)

    K3 (capitalize names of places)

    K4 (capitalize names of historical events, periods and documents)








    As I explained to my students, once they reach 85%, this will show mastery and they may move onto another skill.  They are given time in class to complete all these skills, however some students still have not completed them. 




    Thank you for providing your child with a 3 ring zippered pencil pouch to keep pecils and small supplies in his/her own 3 ring binder.  This has been a wonderful way to have your child work on self-responsibility and pride in ownership, as well as very needed organizational skills.