This week in math we will be studying fractions.  
    This week's Math assignments are: IXL 1st grade X1, X3, and X5.   They also need to complete 45 minutes of Iready Math.  (Iready is on the Student Portal) 
    If you go to www.brainpopjr. com (username: nhj3  password: panthers3) and put Fractions  in the search, there are some excellent videos that the children can watch (as well as games, etc.).
    Students may also get on splashmath.com for extra practice.  This is optional as well.  
    This week's Science Assignment is: Science Weekly: Earth Space Science: The Sun Week 8.  Please be sure they take the quiz for this lesson.    Remember this is on the Student Portal.  Just click on the Studies Weekly tile and then scroll down for Science Weekly.  
    Please have everything done by Sunday, May 31st.   Thank you!