• Academics

    We are an AVID School!



    AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination and ALL students at Liberty Middle School are AVID students. Students receive instruction from teachers who have received professional development about AVID teaching strategies that focus on Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading, also known as WICOR.




    Students also receive instruction about the Three Es—Enrollment, Enlistment, and Employment. Students are encouraged to begin thinking about their future paths now, and receive instruction about how to build a roadmap for the future with School-Wide Curriculum Days as well as My Career Shines.




    AVID Elective 

    A select group of students is also enrolled in the AVID elective, which helps to support students in academics as well as social and emotional learning. AVID elective students learn responsibility, time management, leadership skills, study skills, organization, communication skills, and many other employability and college-readiness skills. The goal of the AVID elective is to help support students in their rigorous, academically accelerated courses as well as to give them the skills they will need to be successful in middle school, high school, post-secondary education, and life. For more information about how to apply to be a part of the AVID elective, please contact Michael Rasdall, AVID Coordinator.





    There are many opportunities for students to complete academically rigorous, accelerated courses at Liberty Middle School. We work very closely with West Port High School to ensure that our students are prepared should they decide to enroll in their rigorous magnet programs. Students will earn high school credit for 9th grade courses that are passed in middle school.


    Below are the accelerated options available at Liberty Middle School by subject area and grade level. Students are selected for advanced course work based on district and state assessments as well as teacher recommendation. Should you like your child to be considered for accelerated coursework, you may reach out to the school counselor for your child’s grade level.


    • Math
      • 6th Grade – Advanced Math 1
      • 7th Grade – Advanced Math 2, or Algebra 1 (9th grade credit)
      • 8th Grade – Algebra 1 (9th grade credit) or Geometry (9th grade credit)
    • Science
      • 6th Grade – Advanced Earth Science
      • 7th Grade – Advanced Life Science
      • 8th Grade – Physical Science Honors (9th grade credit)
    • Social Studies 
      • 6th Grade – Advanced World History
      • 7th Grade – Advanced Civics
      • 8th Grade – Advanced US History
    • Language Arts
      • 6th Grade – Advanced Language Arts 1
      • 7th Grade – Advanced Language Arts 2
      • 8th Grade – Advanced Language Arts 3 or English 1 Honors (9th grade credit)
    • Electives
      • Spanish 1 (9th grade credit)
      • 2D Studio Art (9th grade credit)
      • Agriscience Foundations (9th grade credit, opportunity to test for Industry Certification)
      • Digital Information Technology (9th grade credit)
      • Medical Skills (9th grade credit)
      • TV Production (Opportunity to test for Industry Certification)

    Supplemental and Intensive Instruction/Interventions

    At Liberty Middle School, all students scoring a level 1 or 2 on the FSA reading test are receiving intensive instruction, as required by the State, in addition to their language arts class. Additionally, those students who do not have a FSA score are assessed to determine whether or not they would benefit from the intensive reading classes. If their scores indicate a need for the program, we are serving them as well. The intensive reading classes are designed to address, in a smaller group setting, the students’ individual remedial needs while their on-grade level needs are being addressed in their language arts class.