• Language Arts

    1st Quarter: Knowledge - Fables and Stories/Knowledge -The Human Body/Early American Civilizations (Writing Focus: Informative & Narrative

    2nd Quarter:  Knowledge -Different Lands, Similar Stories/ A New Nation: Knowledge-American, Indepencence/ Forontier Explorers (writing focus Informative)

    3rd Quarter:  Knowledge -Fairy Tales/Early World Civilizations/Animals and Habitats (writing-Informatie & Narrative

    4th Quarter: Knowledge -Astronomy/History of the Earth/ (writing Focus: Informative & Opinion


    1st Quarter:  Nature of Science/Physical Science: Properties of Mater/Physical Science: Motion of Objects

    2nd Quarter:  Physical Science: Motion of Objects

    3rd Quarter:  Life Science: Heredity and Reproduction/Life Science: Interdependence

    4th Quarter: Earth Science: Earth and Space/Earth Structures

    Social Studies

    1st Quarter:  Foundations of Government, Law, and the American Political System/Civic and Political Participation/Structure and Functions of Government

    2nd Quarter:  Historical Knowledge/Historical Inquiry and Analysis

    3rd Quarter:  Historical Inquiry and Analysis/The World in Spatial Terms

    4th Quarter:  The World in Spatial Terms/Economics


    1st. Quarter: Number Sense Review/Relate Addition & Subtraction to Counting/Properties of Addition & Subtraction/Compare Numbers 1 to 10

    2nd Quarter:  Data/Place Value

    3rd Quarter:  Place Value/Addition and Subtraction within 100/Money

    4th Quarter:  Time/Measurement/Shapes and Fractions