• Language Arts

    1st Quarter:  Key Details/Main Idea and Key Details/Plot, Sequence, Text Features/ Narrative writing

    2nd Quarter:  Main Idea and Key Details/writing focus: informative

    3rd Quarter:  Writing Focus: Opinion/Sensory Words, Point of View, Differences between Stories and Informational Text/Problem/Solution/Writing Focus: Narrative

    4th Quarter:  Writing Focus: Opinion/Theme, Compare/Contrast Characters, Text Features, Author Support/Writing Focus: Informative


    1st Quarter:  Pushes and Pulls

    2nd Quarter:  Five Senses/Plants

    3rd Quarter:  Needs of Living Things, Young and Parents/The Sun

    4th Quarter:  Earth's Surface

    Social Studies

    1st Quarter:  Civics Government

    2nd Quarter:  Geography/Economics American History

    3rd Quarter:  Civics/American History

    4th Quarter:  American History Civics


    1st Quarter  Addition and Subtraction Quations

    2nd Quarter:  Represent and Interpret Data/Counting and Place Value

    3rd Quarter:  Counting and Place Value/Add and Subtract Using Place Value/Money

    4th Quarter:  Time/Measurement/Shapes and Their Attributes/Partitioning Shapes/2nd Grade Review and Extension