Physical Education

    Students will spend the first 9 weeks learning about safety rules and procedures, sportsmanship skills, goal setting, how and why to warm-up and cool down, conflict resolution, healthy nutrition and technology use for physical activity.  

    The second nine weeks we will be exploring chasing, fleeing, dodging, locomotor skills and how to apply what they learned.

    In the third nine weeks, students will be working on catching, throwing, dribbling, striking with body parts, flexibility, aquatics, gymnastics and about offense and defense.

    Finally, in the fourth nine weeks, students will be striking with implements, learning about muscular strength, proper fitness and some will be taking a post assessment from earlier in the school year.


    As you can see, we will be covering many skills this school year.  Your child needs to participate each and every day to get the most out of the physical education time.